How To Start A Blog (For Free)

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Start your own Blog within 3 Minutes

Setting up a free blog with SimpleSite is very easy and it only takes a few minutes. SimpleSite is the easiest and fastest blog and website builder in the world and it is completely free! Start sharing your thoughts and experiences within 3 minutes. It really is that Simple!

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Quick and Easy
The easiest blog system on the market

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How to Start a Blog in Three Simple Steps

  1. Create your Blog
    Go to and set up your blog in less than 3 minutes.
  2. Choose the Design
    Select a design you like. You can always change it later.
  3. Start Blogging
    You’re done! Now it’s time to write your very first blog post!
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Create a Free Blog for Any Purpose

Over 14 million website and blog owners can’t be wrong. SimpleSite hosts many blogs for all purposes: Personal blogs, fashion blogs, travel blogs, pet blogs and even business blogs…

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Examples of free blogs created with SimpleSite:

How to Choose the Best Blogging Platform

There are many blog providers on the market so it can be hard to distinguish between them all and find the best. Some are cheap and some are more expensive. But you can also find blogging platforms that are completely free.

But pricing might not be the only concern when searching for the perfect blogging platform. Some blogging systems are very advanced and highly technical, and some don’t require any technical knowledge at all. Some have beautiful premade designs and others are just black and white.
If you are looking for a free, easy and intuitive blogging platform with a large range of designs, SimpleSite is the way to go! SimpleSite is the easiest and fastest blog solution in the world. It gives everyone the power to create their own beautiful blog. You can get started with your own free blog in less than 3 minutes!

SimpleSite offers many great features for your free blog and they are very easy to implement. You can add photo albums, slideshows, your own videos and citations to your posts. Allow your followers to comment directly on your blog, or enable them to buy products from your own online store! (Yes, you can set up a web shop for your blog as well. It’s completely free!)

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With no technical knowledge required at all you can create a beautiful and modern blog. SimpleSite has many blog templates and designs to choose from. So your only decision to make is which layout you prefer for your blog.

Why Choose SimpleSite for your Blog?

Easy, Fast and Simple
SimpleSite is the easiest, fastest and simplest blogging system in the world!
Great features
You can add slideshows, pictures, videos and links to your website and you can enable followers to comment and share your blog!
Happy Customers
We have a lot of great reviews from satisfied users. You can read all our customer reviews right here!

Tips and Tricks: How to Start a Successful Free Blog

  • Deliver Original and Creative Content for Your Blog
  • Get an Audience for Your Free Blog
  • Be Consistent with Your Blog Posts