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Create a Business Website with SimpleSite. It only takes a minute!

Time is precious. Spend it on building your business, not on complicated web development. Setting up a free business website has never been easier, and with SimpleSite you can have your own site for free for as long as you want. We will help you set up your business website in 3 minutes, so let’s get started!

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Unique Website for your Company

Over 14 million customers can’t be wrong. SimpleSite hosts many websites for all types of business such as restaurants, mechanics and clinics. You can even make your own online store.
Examples of Business Websites created with SimpleSite:

How to make a Free Business Website

Making a free business website with SimpleSite only takes a couple of minutes.
Pick the design of your choice, type in your details and you are ready to go. Your website is online straight away and you can continue to shape it until you are ready to show it to your customers.
You can customize your free business website with our range of free templates, set up a business blog and add a pricelist or a gallery.

Quick and Easy Setup
Launch your site in 3 minutes. It’s easy.

No Technical Skills Needed
We take care of technology so you can take care of your business.

Simple Customization
Build your website so it suits your brand.

Own Domain

Save Money
SimpleSite is free for as long as you want.

5 great tips to set up your Free Business Website

1. Balance your Content

When deciding on what content you want to show on your site, you should really think about what kind of content your customers would be seeking for when they visit. Think about it. What are your customers likely to search for when they enter your site? Make a brainstorm and then prioritize.

In many cases customers would like a presentation of your product or service, and this also adds credibility to your site. Remember to explain why they should chose you and provide them with nice-looking pictures of your product(s), your store or anything else that you believe would help promote your business.

How do your customers get in contact with you? Provide them with your contact details. If your phone number or e-mail is your preferred way of customer contact then put it on the front page so they can easily get in touch with you.

Do your research. Get inspiration from other websites in your industry, but remember to ask yourself if this really makes sense to your customers. If it doesn’t, don’t put in on your website.

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2. Clean Design

Simplicity is key. At least when it comes to design. You will want your customers’ attention to stay on your business and the services or products that you offer. Therefore it is important that you make your website simple and pleasant to look at.

Avoid crowding your website with fancy functions and too many colors. Even though you might think it looks great, crowding your free business website will only confuse customers, making them hit the red X bottom in the top corner.

Carefully choose the colors that suit your business’ visual identity and use only strong colors for call-to-action buttons or for highlighting something very important, like your telephone number or a specific offer.

Make space. Let your text and images breathe. It makes your website easier to read and to navigate through. By creating a lot of blank space around the elements of your free business website, you enable the customer to concentrate on the content.

Don’t be afraid of hitting enter while writing: As a rule of thumb change line for every 3rd sentence you write. This will make your text a lot easier to read and skim through.

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3. Get a Custom Domain

While not crucial, a custom domain name makes your business website appear more professional and trustworthy. Most importantly, it makes it easier for your customers to remember your business’ web address in case they want to revisit your site or recommend it to others.

Consider your domain name carefully. It plays an important role, when customers search for your business and its products or services. If is taken, consider adding business branch in the end:

E.g. >

Or choose another top-level domain (TLD):

E.g. or

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4. Optimize for Search Engines (SEO)

You can decide to pay for traffic from Google via AdWords, but while you are making your site anyway, why not make sure it is tuned for the non-paid traffic from Google as well? It is free traffic after all.

There are two sides to the art of SEO: The technical part and the non-technical. But don’t worry – We have already taken care of all the technical stuff, so that you can focus on optimizing your site and your business.

Basically you can do 3 things to make your free business website appear higher in Google Top Rankings:

  1. Create good content (with quality texts and images).
  2. Update your site frequently.
  3. Get people to link to your site.

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5. Get the word out

When your free business website is ready for the public it will be time to promote it. This can be done in a million ways, but social sharing can prove to be one of the easiest methods of getting the word out about your new business website and its products/services.

Establishing an online presence on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can be worth a lot when it comes to driving more traffic to your free business website. Create a social media account for your business at the sites where it makes sense. Then make sure you post a link to every new piece of content you publish on your site.

Invite all of your friends to like or follow your business’ social profile and don’t be afraid to ask them to share your posts and/or tell their friends to follow your business as well.

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“My hobby has become my business with SimpleSite. I am hopeless with computers but before I knew it my website was ready.”
– Art work online store

“We have had our dog kennel since 2005 and our website has now become the rallying point for Labrador fans around the world.”

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