How to Promote Your Website for Free

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Promoting website

Are you looking for a way to attract people to your website without spending a fortune on advertising?

You’ve probably heard horror stories about people who used Facebook ads. It all seemed so easy and inexpensive, but at the end of the month they faced larger charges than they’d ever expected – and didn’t really have anything to show for the money they’d spent.

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Well, if your business is relatively new, you might not have lots of dollars to lay out on advertising in an effort to get noticed. And you don’t have to.

Of course, you can always do some posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. But there are many other places that can bring attention to your online business. Here are some of them.

Comment at Forums Related to Your Business

One of the very best ways to get noticed is to participate at forums or Facebook groups related to your business topic.

For example, if you offer tours to Spain, do a google search for ‘tours Spain forums.’ You’re likely to find many. Visit them and start engaging with the people who are asking questions and/or commenting.

Don’t start talking about your business right away. Instead, read the questions and comments to find a few where you can add your own opinion and experience.

Be sure to include a link to your website in your signature. And once you’ve been on the forum for several days, you can mention your business more directly, but don’t over promote.

You can do the same to find a Facebook group related to your niche. On Facebook, search for ‘tours Spain groups.’ Follow the same techniques as with forums.

List Your Online Business in Directories

Do you know about the services that give you the opportunity to list your online business absolutely free? Two of the better directories are –
Writing about business

Issue Press Releases

You might think that press releases are only for big businesses, but small businesses can benefit as well. In fact, a press release is an excellent way for a small business with limited resources to spread the word about themselves.

If you’re clueless about how to write a press release, you can do an online search for instructions and write it yourself. Or you can go to Fiverr to get one done for you at a reasonable rate. Once you see how it’s done, write your own from then on, using the original as a template.

Once your press release is ready, head to Free Press Release or and distribute it for no charge.

Blog About Your Business

Have you started blogging yet? If not, why are you hesitating?

Blogging is a great way to connect with potential customers. Once you start a blog on your website, be sure to publish new posts consistently.

Tell visitors about your product, but also tell them how you got started in online business. Write about experiences that customers had with your product. Everyone loves stories.

Every time you publish a new post, mention it on social media. Write just a few sentences that will tempt readers to click through to your website. And if your stories are entertaining, you’ll get even more traffic when your readers share your links with their online friends.


Take advantage of free opportunities to get well known online. Don’t expect that you’ll get loads of traffic immediately. Developing consistent traffic takes time, so don’t be impatient. Trust that you’ll build up your traffic in the long run as long as you are consistent in your efforts.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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