Where to Promote Your Business in Addition to Social Media

Sunday, March 11, 2018 , , 1 comments

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Promoting Business

Social media are great platforms to promote your business, but you need to expand your promotion efforts further than social media if you really want your online business to be as successful as possible.

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Let’s explore places and methods for you to promote your business in addition to social media.

Relevant Forums

Whatever product or service you are selling, there are bound to be several forums online where people visit to ask questions and get information. In fact, you’re likely to find a listing of several forums on any particular topic.

For example, if you do an online search for ‘forums + cooking,’ you’ll find some individual forums listed in the results. But one of the results is a central listing of many cooking forums called How convenient!

Make it a habit to visit the forums to interact with other visitors – answering their questions and offering suggestions. By doing this, you will get well known by the exact people who are interested in your topic and who you’d like to have as customers. Just be sure to include your business name and url in your forum signature, if that’s allowed. Read the regulations at each forum you visit so that you know what your boundaries are.


Collaborate with Popular Bloggers

You might think of other bloggers in your niche as competition, but competitors can often work together in a way that benefits both. You might be able to add some valuable comments to one of their posts, or you might even be able to be a guest blogger on someone else’s site. Every way for you to get your name out in front of people in your niche will help you get better known.

Here’s an idea – you could suggest to a popular blogger that you’d like to co-sponsor a contest with him/her with the prize being one of your products. If this blogger is willing to collaborate with you on a contest, you’ll get the benefit of the other blogger having a far wider reach than you. And you should end up with a much larger email list.

Give a Talk

Head over to your local library and suggest that you give a talk about your topic for free. Have a plan already about what you’d like to talk about so that the library personnel are more likely to agree.

Then you could get bookmarks printed up with the information about your talk (topic, place, date, time) and pass them out to everyone you see – at the grocery store, at the book store, at the school your kids attend – well, you get the idea. In fact, the book store might be amenable to allowing you to leave a stack of the bookmarks near the cashier.

Your Local Newspaper

In connection with the suggestion above, contact your local newspaper about the talk your going to give. And if you haven’t set up a talk yet, contact the local newspaper anyway to see if they’d be interested in interviewing you for a special interest piece.

These are just a few possibilities of ways to promote your online business outside of social media. Hopefully, you get the idea now and will come up with your own ideas.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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