7 Essential Pages that Your Website Should Have

Thursday, March 01, 2018 , 2 comments

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Adding Website Pages

​Your website is the face you show the world. Because of that, it is your main sales tool. Use it to the best of your ability and make every page count.

You can have a gallery and a blog, but here are the essential pages that you should have on your website.

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This may not be the first page potential customers see. If they’ve done a product search online, they may end up on the page that presents your products. However, readers will likely visit your homepage at some point during their visit.
The homepage needs to –
  • explain the general idea about you or your product
  • describe the benefits to the visitor
  • entice the reader to find out more

About Page

This page gives you the opportunity to tell a little about yourself and your company. You could use one or more images of yourself, your employees, and/or your workspace.

Be sure to be specific. Don’t use general statements like “We offer great customer service” or “We believe in giving you the best quality.” Those statements ring hollow since they could apply to any business.


Here is where you can describe your products and/or services in detail. If you have several products, give individual pages to each one so that you can answer all questions you think someone might have. If you can think of and answer a potential customer’s questions before he asks, you’re more likely to make a sale.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

This is the place to present the questions that are most often asked about your product and the answers. Potential customers will be thankful when they read questions and answers that they hadn’t even thought of yet.

With a good FAQ, you’ll have far fewer customer service issues to deal with later on.

Your own Website


You may have your contact information in other places on your website, but a contact page should have a form that readers can easily fill out and send off. When someone contacts you through your contact form, you have a great chance to turn him into a customer. Your contact form should include –
  • your email
  • your local address and phone if you have a local storefront
  • a place for the customer’s email
  • a place for them to ask a question or describe a problem
  • your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn links

Privacy Policy

Your visitors aren’t likely to visit this page, but you need to have this for legal purposes. You can find boilerplate privacy policy pages online that disclose how you collect, use, and manage customer data.

To find the appropriate text, just do an online search for ‘privacy policy generator.’ You’ll find sites that ask you a few questions and then produce a page with your business name in the right places.

Terms and Conditions

Like the privacy page, the terms and conditions page is not usually visited by your readers, but it’s a page that your lawyer would advise you to have for protection from possible lawsuits.

Once again, you can do a search online and find a site that will generate an appropriate page for you.


These are the pages that you should have right from the start. But don’t think that you have to limit yourself to these seven pages.

A great website will have pages for a blog, tutorials, testimonials, and perhaps even a gallery of photos.

It’s your website. Add whatever you like once you have the essentials.

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Author: Kate Benzin


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