4 Creative Strategies to Choosing the Right Name for Your Small Business Website

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New Domain Extensions

A few years ago, finding a 2-word domain name seemed difficult but not anymore. Today everyone can easily find a short, meaningful domain name without having to use filler words, hyphens or numerics. Basically, new domain extensions allow you to have a keyword rich and short domain name that greatly benefits your business’s branding and positioning.

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Here are the key benefits of choosing a keyword rich domain name.

1. Easy to Market and Communicate

With a domain name such as, the business is able to communicate with its domain name that it helps users ‘break into tech’. This makes it easy for the business to explain itself and for customers to understand the marketing message of the brand.

2. Resonates with Your Customers

If your business sells magazines, then what better name to have than The name is simple and instantly resonates with the customers looking for an online store to buy magazines from.

3. Helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The previous example of would be valuable to you if you were selling magazines online and wanted to run digital ads for the same. With this domain name, you can own ‘magazine store’ keywords and therefore build credibility for your business online. When a customer sees a result from this domain, they are most likely to click on it because it exactly matches their search intent.

4. Adds an Edge to Your Business over Your Competitors

When you choose a new domain extension that is short, memorable and relevant to your industry, you can create a higher brand recall for your business in comparison to your competitors. Customers are more likely to remember instead of for a digital marketing agency.

Keywords Strategy

Now that you know the benefits of choosing a keyword rich domain name, here are 4 creative strategies to focus on.

1. Industry Keywords

You can choose a ‘big picture’ brand name for yourself by choosing your industry as a keyword. Let’s say you offer catering services exclusively for wedding receptions. Instead of choosing a name about ‘catering’, you can choose a name with the keyword ‘wedding’ so that you can show up as a result when anyone searches for wedding related services.

Some examples of corresponding domain names are –
  • Wedding Foods -
  • Wedding Caterers -
  • Wedding Food & Fun -

2. Product or Service Keywords

The trick here is to choose a name that talks about the specific product that you are selling. For example, if you are in the business of garden landscaping, then you can name your business as the following:
  • Elegant Garden Space -
  • Classic Garden Site -
  • Garden Landscape Store -

3. Business-Vision Keywords 

If you wish to grow your business in future, then choose a brand name that will serve you later, too. For example, if you wish to start a blog about mental health but would like to expand it to overall wellness and lifestyle in the future, choose a name like the following:
  • Absolute Wellness Space -
  • My Total Wellness -
  • Access Wellness Online -

4. Geo-Specific Keywords 

If you want to make your business unique to your geo location, then include your town, city or country in your name. It will localize your business and make it easier to be found. For example, if you offer vet care services in London, then you can choose names such as –
  • Vet in London -
  • London Vet Space -
  • Furry Pets’ Vet -
With these creative strategies, you can create a highly memorable branding and positioning for your business website.

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