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Thursday, February 22, 2018 , 1 comments

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A new visitor comes to your website. Maybe a friend told him about a great article on your site that would help him. Maybe your site showed up in search results. Or maybe his visit was simply accidental.

It’s not important how he ended up on your site. But you need to figure out how to get that visitor to return to your site on a regular basis. He’s unlikely to remember that he read a great article on your site that gave him advice he needed or solved one of his problems. After reading, he promised himself that he’d visit your site again.

Unfortunately, as soon as he clicked away to a new site, he completely forgot about your site. He remembered the solution he’d gotten from you, but he just couldn’t recall the name of your site.

This is a common problem today. In fact, the majority of people who land on your site will probably never visit it again – even if you gave them great information. We’re all inundated with so much information on so many websites that it has become increasingly difficult to keep it all straight.

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Because of the overwhelming amount of information online, each website owner has to find a way to capture those visitors and bring them back regularly.

One of the best ways to ensure repeated traffic to your website is to ask visitors to subscribe.

But why would someone subscribe to your site? If he subscribes to your website, then he’ll be getting more email messages every day. Almost everyone already has to wade through too much email every day.

Website Visitor

Lead Magnet

Because of that, you need to give a person something in exchange for his email. The key here is that the gift, called a lead magnet, is valuable. It needs to be something that solves a problem he has and relieves a pain point.

For example, if your website is travel related, your visitors will be people who are interested in information about hotels, flights, resorts, destinations, and so on. A perfect gift for these people would be a report filled with tips that are collected from tour directors or travel agents – in other words, tips that aren’t the common things that most travelers already know.

The Process

  1. Decide what kind of valuable information related to your product or service would tempt a visitor to give you his email address. Consider questions that other readers have asked. Check out forums on your topic for the questions most often asked.
  2. Create a lead magnet/report that answers one or more of those questions. Make sure it is well written and visually appealing.
  3. Set up a form on your website that ‘sells’ your lead magnet. The form should clearly communicate the benefits the lead magnet will give the person in exchange for his email.
  4. Once the person has given you his email, send him the report immediately. And continue communicating with him – always giving him valuable information.
If the first lead magnet you use doesn’t get enough people signing up, try out different ones until you find one that works well for you.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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