5 Tips to Lure Readers from Social Media to Your Website

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Social Media Fans to Website Visitors

You’ve heard that using social media platforms is an important strategy to bring people to your website. But maybe you haven’t figured yet the exact technique to link Facebook and your website – or Twitter and your website, etc.

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You may have found it easy to get traffic to your social media accounts. People love interacting on these platforms, but getting them to your website is a little more complicated.

Here are some tips to get you started down the right path.

Consistently Publish New, Shareable Content

You want people to visit your website over and over. So you have to offer them new content. You can have a stunning, informative website, but if someone comes to your site and sees the exact same beautiful content two or three times, he probably won’t return for the fourth time.

People need to know that they’ll get fresh content when they visit your website or they will stop visiting.

‘How often do I have to publish?’ you ask. That’s really up to you. The important thing is that you’re consistent. You can publish new information once a week or once a month or once a day – however often you can commit to and follow through on.

Consistency Is Crucial on Social Media as Well

You don’t need to use every social media platform that’s available. In fact, a better strategy is to use just one or two, but to do that consistently.

While consistently publishing new content on your website might mean once a week or even less often, consistency on social media should be more frequent. And only 20% of that social media activity should be related to your business. The other 80% will include posts and comments that are just pure engagement – getting to know your visitors and letting them know you.

Post about your latest blog content

The 20% mentioned above should be social media posts about content on your website. Make an intriguing, short summary of the blog content that you published – intriguing enough that a reader will want to find out more.

A good technique is to make a statement about the content and then a question that your reader can answer when he reads your blog post.

Post content on Social Media

Post About Your Content More Than Once

Let’s say that your schedule for new blog posts is once a week. In that case, you should mention that blog post on each of your social media platforms three times during the seven days after you publish it.

Don’t use the same text each time. Vary it so that you don’t bore your readers.

Use Images on Social Media

People are more and more visual every day. They want to see an image instead of reading text. So, when you post on social media about your latest blog post, use images that will get your readers to stop rather than scrolling on by.

You could use an image that shows someone using your product, or you could post a meme.

In case you’re not familiar with memes, they are images that have text over the top of the image. Sometimes the meme is funny or inspirational. You can use Canva for free to make memes that pertain to your product or service.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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