How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business

Thursday, January 04, 2018 , 2 comments

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Promoting Business On YouTube

Getting your YouTube channel set up is pretty exciting, isn’t it? If you haven’t done this yet, please read –
Years ago, you probably looked at the printed word for answers to your questions – newspapers, encyclopedias, reference books of all kinds. But in today’s world, you most likely look online, whether your query is internet related or not.

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Like Google, YouTube is a search engine, so it’s a logical place for online users to do research for answers to problems or information about a particular product or service.

Because of that, YouTube is a great online place for you to use video marketing to launch a product or service or to promote a product that you already have on the market.

Video Marketing

As an online business owner, you have opportunities that previous generations probably never even dreamed about. You can post videos that –
  • introduce visitors to your products and services
  • show potential customers why your product is better than others
  • explain how your service is more comprehensive than others
  • showcase special aspects of your products – color choice, optional add-ons, size choice, etc
  • brand yourself as a friendly, approachable business

Video Tutorials

Most people find it easier to understand the complexities of a product by watching video tutorials rather than reading a written manual. When watching a video, a new user can follow the instructions at his own pace by pausing the video or even reversing it to re-watch parts of the process again.

A Behind-the-Scenes View

People love having the opportunity to see how businesses operate away from public viewing. When you let them see behind the scenes, they feel like friends or family members.

YouTube Customers

Customer Testimonials

One of the best ways for you to build trust and authority with prospective customers is to have video customer testimonials on your YouTube channel.

Studies have repeatedly shown that internet users place almost equal value on testimonials of a business’s previous customers as on recommendations from their own friends. And when those testimonials are in video format, the recommendations hold even more weight. Be sure to ask your customers to give their opinion on video.


Putting up videos showing yourself or customers using your product is a great way to convince potential customers to seal the deal. These demos hold about the same weight as a video testimonial.


Your YouTube channel gives you the opportunity to provide solutions to your customers’ problems. Watch customer comments below your videos to determine what you need to address.

When you respond quickly with solutions to questions or troubleshoot problems people have with your product, you will gain trust with both customers and potential customers.


YouTube gets over 30 million visitors each day. That’s an enormous number of viewers that you can connect with through your YouTube channel.

Don’t waste this opportunity. Get your videos in front of this huge market.

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Author: Kate Benzin