Create Effective Brand Microsites With New Domain Extensions

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New domain extensions

With the decreasing brand loyalty and attention span of customers, it is more important today more than ever to create a memorable story in every branding campaign. In this post, we will discuss how new domains can help you create a more impactful branding campaign by creating specific microsites on new domains. Read on!

What Are Microsites?

Microsites are websites with at least 3 pages created specifically for a branding campaign. These websites have a unique domain name of their own, which is separate from the business’s primary domain name. Such websites are a great way to promote a campaign where the objective is to offer an experience of the brand as opposed to sales-driven marketing. You can create a website for your branding campaign in 3 simple steps at Simplesite.

How Can New Domains Help in Branding Microsites?

Since websites meant for brand marketing need to create a strong positioning, new domain extensions can be used very effectively for this purpose. For example, a website on .edu means it’s about education and on .org means it’s a social organization, similarly you can create an instant positioning for your business by choosing a domain extension that resonates with your brand. Here are some examples:
  • .TECH for technology
  • .STORE for retail and eCommerce
  • .FUN for events, entertainment, travel, kids, games
  • .SPACE for art, creativity, outer space
  • .PRESS for media
You can also pick universal domain extensions such as .ONLINE, .SITE, .WEBSITE if they fit the purpose. For example, is a digital marketing agency that helps their client’s voice become ‘louder online’. Here, they have used .ONLINE in a unique way that helps them strengthen their brand positioning.

Creating new website

Now that you understand how microsites can be branded with new domains, here are some examples of how you can apply this knowledge:
  • Brand Story: Let’s say you have a dating app and you want to create a separate website for customers to share their love stories and read what others have shared, you can choose a new domain such as or if you want them to talk about how they met their soulmate through technology.
  • Games: Assume you have a dairy business and you wish to create a game about making cheese, you can choose a domain name such as
  • Events: If you are organizing a tech event and want to create a separate website for the same, choose a domain name such as A descriptive name such as this one will simplify the marketing and promotions for the event to a great extent as well as resonate with the target group instantly.
  • Information / Content: Perhaps you just want to create a website that spreads awareness about your industry based on a research that you conducted. You can choose a domain name such as for a health related website or for facts related to pizza’s history.
By registering such unique domain names, you will be able to create a more impactful and memorable brand message for the customers. These web addresses are easy to communicate and tend to stay etched in the customer’s memory. 

Make your next branding campaign more interesting, memorable and effective with a website on new domain extensions.

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