5 Mistakes that Drive Your Visitors Away

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Website Mistakes

Getting visitors to your website is important, but how do you keep them once they’ve clicked on your link? Have you done everything possible to be assured that visitors will have a great experience on your website instead of leaving within seconds?

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Let’s take a look at mistakes to avoid.

Every Second Counts

Your website should load in two seconds or less. According to Maile Ohye at Google, “Two seconds is the threshold for ecommerce website acceptability. At Google, we aim for under a half second.”

Pingdom reports that once page load time goes past three seconds, the bounce rate is 38%. Not only will you lose visitors if your site takes longer than three seconds to load, but your rank will also be negatively impacted.

The easiest way to speed your website is to downsize your images. Before you upload images, decrease -
  • the resolution of the image to 72 px
  • the size of the image
Downsizing images is not the only factor to speed up your site, but it’s probably the one with the biggest impact.

Mobile Is the New PC

According to a 2016 study by Smart Insights, time spent browsing on smartphones is 51%, compared to 42% on desktops and laptops. So, being mobile responsive is an important feature for getting customers and for ranking on Google.

Does your website look good on mobile devices? Check with your own smartphone and tablet. If not, do a search online to find out how to fix the issue because until it looks good on mobile devices, you’re losing visitors – and probably customers.

Website Color

Color Choices Make a Difference

You might want to use your favorite color on your website. But does that color fit with your product or service? And does that color appeal to your potential customers?

Remember, the purpose of your business website isn’t for you to display your personality to the world. It’s a place to set up your product in a way that appeals to people who want or need it. And color is an important part of that appeal.

Neil Patel of QuickSprout reports that “color is 85% of the reason you purchased a specific product.” Do a little research online to find which colors work best for your product.

Closely aligned with color is the issue of your font. Choose a font that –
  • provides contrast with the background so text is easy to read
  • is large enough and thick enough to be read easily
  • is an appropriate style for a business site – in other words, not flowery

Coherence Matters

Titles are an important part of enticing visitors to click on your link. But if you bait and switch, visitors will run from you faster than you could ever imagine. In addition, you’ll damage any reputation that you’d already built.

Be sure that the content on each page fulfills what was promised in the page title. If it doesn’t, your bounce rate will soar.

Informative and Interesting Go Hand in Hand

People are searching for information about your product, but if it’s boring, they probably won’t even finish reading your text. The best thing you can do is to give the information in the form of a story. People love stories. You’ll capture the attention of your visitors and you’ll hold it longer.

Tell your stories as if you were talking to them – not as if you’re writing an academic paper. And be sure to focus on the benefits your potential customers will get with your product.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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