Why You Should Create Your Own YouTube Channel

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave in the Himalayas, you know that your website will be far more popular if you post videos on a regular basis. Online visitors have made it very clear that they prefer video over reading blocks of text.

So you’ve been posting videos made by other people on your website. And where did you get those videos? Probably YouTube. And even if you didn’t actually go to YouTube to get the link to share on your website, the video was probably one that came from YouTube.

First launched in 2005, YouTube became popular very quickly and has been going strong ever since. Most YouTube visitors go there to view videos that have been made by others – not to post their own videos.

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Wouldn’t it be exciting to post your own videos? Not only would it be exciting, it would be good for your business. Here’s why.

Better SEO Rankings

Google owns YouTube. That says everything. Google owns it and so naturally gives YouTube videos an advantage in ranking over plain text posts or other types of videos, such as Vimeo. Take advantage of that.

YouTube Is a Search Engine

When you perform a search on Google, you will get all kinds of results – posts, images, and videos. Doing a search on YouTube, on the other hand, produces only YouTube videos in the results.

Google is larger than YouTube, but YouTube’s 1.5 billion visitors per month is worth going after. In addition, YouTube visitors return over and over and become loyal to channels they like. If you can entertain some of these YouTube visitors on your channel, you could end up with a large following.

YouTube money

Make Money with YouTube

Your first goal in creating a YouTube channel is to promote your website and get some business, but you can also make money with your videos. You’ve probably watched videos that have Google Adsense ads displayed. You can do that, too. Yes, Google enters the picture again.

Your chances of being a big YouTube earner from ads are pretty slim, but if you stick with it and post more and more videos, you’ll build an audience that loves you both on YouTube and on your website.

Promote Products

In addition to making money from ads, you can make money by being an affiliate and promoting your own products or those made by others. Video is a good venue for training courses, and some of these training courses are expensive.

If you promote an expensive training program and make just a couple sales each month, you could substantially increase your revenue.

YouTube Is Easy

You may be a little frightened about the idea of creating a video, but it’s much easier than you probably realize. And you don’t even have to appear on camera as it’s not necessary.

You can use free programs like Audacity and Screencast-o-Matic to turn a PowerPoint slide show into a video. For example, put an image onto a PowerPoint slide and then put some text on top of the image. Make a few of these.

Then use Audacity to record you reading the text on a slide and expressing your opinion about it. Repeat for each slide, and then take it all to Screencast-o-Matic to make the video, which you then upload to YouTube.

Be Consistent

You won’t become outrageously popular overnight, but if you stick with it, you just might eventually attract thousands of viewers.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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