Want to Be a Thought Leader in Your Industry? Here Are 3 Actionable Tips!

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The value of personal branding for industry thought leaders cannot be understated. By definition, personal branding implies being authentic in thoughts and ideas as you market yourself and your career to the network of people around you in addition to maintaining your originality.

In a world where your thought leadership can influence someone thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds, building an online brand is more crucial today than ever before.

In this post, we will discuss some tactical ways to build a strong personal brand on the Internet.

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Build an Identity with a Website

Are you wondering what you’d put on a website for yourself? There are many things. For example, your story. Make it a crisp, emotional tale of your life. This is a good way to showcase your personality and character. You can add a section about your professional achievements, the books and people that inspire you, the principles you live by and your life’s biggest lessons. You can add a blog section too and update it as often as you can with your thoughts and ideas about anything that you find interesting or simply focus on your work-related topics.

Use a simple platform such as SimpleSite to build your website. Choosing the website name is also important. You want a name that is descriptive and an extension of your online identity. You can register a website with your name and a domain extension that describes your field of interest. For example,, a first name with a .TECH domain extension for someone who wants to build influence in technology.  Remember to add all your social links on the website and track your visitors to make it your window to the world outside.

Remember to include a straightforward way for readers to reach you. Overtime, the website can get you requests for quotes from journalists when they are working on industry stories. It can also get you invites from industry events to be a keynote speaker or a panelist.


Build Trust by Branding Everything You Share Online

As a leader, it is important for you to build credibility with your growing follower base and an effective way to do that is by establishing link-trust. What is link-trust? It is the perception a user has of the link they are about to click on - whether positive or mistrustful. Nobody wants to click on anything that may be suspicious or unverified. Not only that, with every link that you share, you have an opportunity to brand it with your name! Simply register a domain name and sign up for a custom URL shortner service.

For example, assume you are a thought leader in the eCommerce space and your domain name is Now, if you wish to share an article about SEO for eCommerce and the link is long and awkward, you can brand it with your own domain name and make it look like this: Your followers will know that what they are about to click on has your stamp of approval. Their trust in you would strengthen overtime as they continue to see only quality content coming their way through your branded links.

Build Originality by Choosing a Website Name that Describes You

Now that you know you can amplify your leadership and influence by taking your brand online with a dedicated website and branded links, read 6 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Domain Name to know more about choosing the most effective website name.

Keep in mind that you should choose a descriptive new domain extension too. For example, use .PRESS if you wish to build a brand in citizen journalism or use .FUN if you wish to talk about entertainment and recreation.

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