5 Creative Ways You Can Use a Domain Name for Personal Branding

Thursday, November 30, 2017 4 comments

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Personal Branding

Personal branding is more crucial today than ever before. If you are looking for a job, you can influence your recruiters with an impressive online presence. If you are pitching yourself as an industry thought leader, it’s your online brand that will set the ball rolling for you! So, what do you need to build a killer virtual persona for yourself? Here are 5 things you can do right away.

Brand Your LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that you don’t need to share the long and awkward LinkedIn URL with recruiters anymore. Simply pick a domain name that is memorable and set up a redirect to your LinkedIn profile. In future, you can develop this domain name into a professional website with your work portfolio.

It may be impossible to get your domain name now. Some of the most popular domain extensions on which you can find your firstname-website are .SITE, .WEBSITE and.ONLINE.

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Create a Futuristic Resum

How do you share your resume with potential employers and recruiters? Instead of sharing a Word doc or a PDF file as an attachment, you can simply share a live website that links to your resume. For example, look at one of SimpleSite's templates which you can use to let recruiters know who you really are.

Get a <fullname>.site or <fullname>.website domain name for your resume and be on your way to making a great first impression on your future employers!

Share Branded Links

Did you know that everytime you share a link on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or even in your emails, you can brand them with your name? Simply use a custom URL shortner and never share a link that looks like this Such links are complicated and unpronounceable. What if this link could be

If you want to share information on technology, secure a domain name on .TECH. Then, you may choose a domain name such as

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Bring All Your Links at One Place

Are you a budding professional and want to showcase all your work at one place? Why not create a simple landing page with links to your GitHub, Behance, Etsy, Devpost, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and all the other profiles? All you need to share is your website name and the user will get access to everything that you do!

Register a domain name on new domain extensions such as .SPACE (if you are the creative kind), .TECH (if you are into technology), .PRESS (if you are into media and publication) and .FUN (if you are into entertainment).

Get a Branded Email Address

Your email ID says a lot about you! Make sure you use an email id that makes you seem professional and evolved.

Register a  or to create an extension of your virtual persona and make for a memorable email address too!

So, invest in a domain name that empowers your online presence and gives you a memorable online persona for building a great first impression in your professional endeavors.

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