What Do Your Website Visitors Need from You?

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Did you know that the way to make your website successful is not by posting whatever YOU want to publish? Sharing all the wonderful and useful information that’s swirling around inside your brain is not the path to success.

Instead, you will only gain success by providing your visitors the information THEY need and want. How do you figure out what that is? You might assume that you already know what they want.

But – are you sure? Operating on that assumption could end up leaving you with very little traffic to your site. Instead, think about what the visitors of your online store need to know.

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How About a Tutorial?

Users can benefit from instructions and tips about how to get the most from any product you sell or promote on your website.

Because of that, a tutorial can be the natural way to engage with your readers about the products you sell or your affiliate products. This can be a real win-win because –
  • Your reader benefits by learning the best ways to use the product.
  • You benefit when your reader is more likely to use your link to purchase (instead of your competitor’s) because you made the effort to educate him.
Tutorials tend to perform well in search engines, so your website is likely to rank higher resulting in more traffic for your site.

Create Tutorial

Create a Great Tutorial

You might be thinking that you could never create a good tutorial. Don’t be negative. It’s not as difficult as you might think at first. If writing doesn’t come easily to you, just follow the steps below.
  • Give an overview of the product. Pretend you’re telling your friend about this great item that you just got and how it helps you.
  • Write down all the steps needed to use the product. You can probably do this fairly easily, but when you’ve finished, take yourself through all the steps so that you can determine if you’ve forgotten to include something. Don’t assume anything. If even the tiniest bit of information is missing, readers are likely to become confused.
  • Use your smartphone to take images that show each step of your tutorial. It’s probably true that a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s much easier for your reader to understand what you’re doing if he sees photos of the process.
  • Include links for readers to purchase. Whether this is your own product or you’re promoting someone else’s product, be sure to include a minimum of three links – one at the beginning of your article, one in the middle, and one at the end. Make it easy for your readers to buy the product at the very time that they understand the benefits it brings them.
  • Make a resources list with links. If you use other items connected to the main one in the tutorial, mention them at the end and include an affiliate link for each item. Your readers will thank you because they’ll be able to improve their use of the main product without having to search for related items. It's a great way to increase your income, too.
A tutorial can be a great earner for you because your readers will appreciate your trustworthiness and willingness to share your expertise and then be likely to buy from your link. And they’ll return to your site over and over.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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