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How many times have you heard your friends say something like “I’m not creative. I just don’t have any imagination.” Maybe you’ve even said that yourself – or at least thought it.

In today’s online world, you don’t need a lot of imagination to make graphics for your website. You just need to recognize graphics that would appeal to your audience. That sounds a lot easier, doesn’t it?

Oh, there’s one additional part. You have to figure out how to imitate the graphics you see that would attract your readers, but that comes later. First, you need to find and save images that you think will work on your website.

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Even if you’re someone who can call up your imagination at a moment’s notice, you may find that daily tasks don’t allow much time for you to let your creativity soar. So let’s explore how you can find inspiration for your graphics projects.

Check Out Social Media

Yes, everyone is always telling you not to spend so much time on social media. Well, next time someone says that, just tell them that your time on social media is for work.

Two social media, in particular, are great sources for stunning graphics that will inspire you – Pinterest and Tumblr. Both of these sites are full of graphics that can be searched by keyword. Be sure to open your own accounts and start saving the graphics that inspire you. Learn more about using Pinterest here.

Look Through Print or Online Magazines

The online world is full of magazines for you to scour. Here are just a few magazines that contain graphics inspiration –
Folders for designs

Start a Swipe Folder

Rather than always going to Pinterest or Tumblr to look over the graphics you’ve saved, the easier way is to set up a folder on your hard drive or in the cloud to save graphics that you might want to imitate in the future. Remember, imitation is the best form of flattery. You won’t copy the graphics exactly. You’ll use them for inspiration.

Since this involves swiping images from online sources, the folder is referred to as a swipe folder. Make and name sub-folders so that you can immediately save swiped images in a folder that identifies the kind of images inside.

Use the snipping tool on a pc or the grab tool on a Mac to quickly capture the image and save it in the correct folder.

Talk with Friends – Both Online and Off

Talking about projects can help you decide what direction to take. Your friends in the offline world might not understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, but as you explain to them, the answers you’re looking for might appear.

And once you start working with graphics, you’re likely to make some online friends with the same interest. These online graphics friends are likely to be a huge resource with all kinds of information.

Start chatting with them via your favorite chat tool about the image you want to create and the problems you’re having. You’ll probably get more strategies than you imagined.

For some other tips, read How to Give Your Blog a Facelift.

Doesn’t this sound like fun? You can put up graphics on your website that make you look like a creative genius!

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Author: Kate Benzin

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