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Thursday, September 14, 2017 2 comments

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Business card design

As the saying goes, you have only one chance to make a first impression. In the online world, that first impression is made when a visitor comes to your business website for the first time.

But what happens when you meet people in person and you want to make a great impression so they’ll buy your product or service? Are you going to show them your website on your tablet or smartphone?

Definitely not. Instead, you need to present them with a stunning and memorable business card.

Yes – stunning and memorable. Don’t hand them a boring white business card on thin paper. Here are some ideas to help you design the best business card possible so people don’t throw it in the closest trash bin.

What Information Does Your Card Need?

You may think this is obvious – your business name, of course. But don’t forget to include your own name and your position in the business, such as owner, CEO, founder, etc.

In addition –
  • Your website url as – without http:.
  • Your email address – In other words, don’t use something generic like
  • Your active social media names. If you don’t use social media, then there’s no need to sign up just to have it on your business card.
  • Your business logo. If you don’t have a logo yet, why not get one made now so you can coordinate it with both your website and your business card.
You’re probably wondering about your physical address and phone number. If you have a physical office/store, then that information should appear. But if your business is exclusively online, then there’s probably no need for address and phone.

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Don’t put so much information on your card that you have to choose a very small font. Remember, people have to read the text easily, so choose a font that is simple and large enough to be read without squinting.

What About Color?

The most important thing about using color is to choose colors that coordinate with your website. You want your business card to be a reflection of your website. The design of your card should bring to mind your website – or vice versa.

Attractive business card

Should You Use an Image on Your Card?

People respond to visuals more readily than to text, so you might want to consider using an image. You’ve got the whole back of your card for an image. Consider the following possibilities.
  • A picture of yourself.
  • Your logo.
  • A photo of your producct.
Take advantage of the back of your card – it’s prime real estate.

Is the Card Stock You Choose Really Important?

A resounding yes! If the paper is thin, the business card just doesn’t seem professional. And even if the person keeps your card, the thin paper will probably get torn in his wallet.

When you take your design to be printed, you’ll be presented with several possibilities. Choose one that feels substantial in your hands – one that you’ll be proud to share with people you meet. If you use an online service for printing, you can’t choose it by feel, so pick one of the thicker papers offered.

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Author: Kate Benzin