Why You're Not Getting Enough Sales From Your Website

Thursday, August 03, 2017 0 comments

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Not getting enough sales?

As you total up your sales each week or each month, are you disappointed that you're not getting more sales?
  • You know your product is great.
  • You know people need it.
So why are your sales anemic? If you're ready to take a serious look at this issue, here are some possibilities for you to consider.
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Not Enough Traffic

Not every person who visits your site will make a purchase. In fact, only a small percentage of visitors who click on your site will actually make a purchase. According to WordStream's statistics, the average landing page conversion rate across all industries is 2.35%.

That means that you'll need a lot of traffic to make the number of sales that you'd probably like. To get that traffic, make sure that your content is SEO-optimized so that when someone clicks on a search engine to look for your product or service, your site comes up on the first page of results.

Not Very Attractive

Unattractive website

When you set up your website, maybe you weren't focused on whether potential customers would be sufficiently attracted to your site to stick around long enough to purchase.

You probably had other things on your mind. You may have just been happy that SimpleSite was so easy to use, but you weren't worried about the quality of your content or putting up images to make your site attractive.

If you haven't built a SimpleSite yet, this is a perfect time to do that for FREE. SimpleSite has lots of beautiful templates for you to make a stunning website. Just click the green button.

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While it's easy to build a gorgeous SimpleSite, pay attention. If you don't use the ideal colors or write the best content, your potential customers might jump to a site that's more visually appealing. Take time to learn how to make your site beautiful and attractive for your audience.

Not Easy to Understand

Look at the pages on your website and ask yourself: Can I skim the content and understand the benefits of purchasing?

In the internet world, people don't relax in a comfy chair to enjoy reading the text on your website. No, busy people will quickly skim your content.

So your site needs to present the benefits of purchasing from you in a way that makes them stand out.
  • Your headline should give visitors a reason to stay on your site rather than jumping to another.
  • Paragraphs should be short.
  • Font should be easy to read – large and clear.
  • Important points should be set in bold or bullet points.

Not Enough Social Proof

Today, online shoppers are not getting recommendations from friends like they did in the past. Today, online testimonials are replacing personal recommendations.

Online recommendations matter

You need to post social proof on your site – testimonials from other online visitors who purchased from you and are happy with both your product and the follow up customer service.

According to a survey by BrightLocal, "88% of online consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (vs. 79% in 2013)." So be sure to have as many positive reviews as possible.

Not a Good Product or Service

Maybe you're wrong about your product. This is an idea that you at least need to consider. You're not a quitter, but sometimes knowing when to move on to a new idea is smart. Give it some thought.

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