The Whole Town Will Talk About Your Business

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Make your business the talk of the town

If your SimpleSite represents your business and you have a lot of customers in your local area, then you want everyone in your town talking about your site.

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Once you've got your site, it won't be difficult to become famous in your town, but of course, you want your fame to be a positive reflection of your reputation. So check out the following activities.

Make Friends with Local Reporters

Local business publications, whether online or physical, have a difficult time making enough money to stay in business. One of the activities that helps them stay solvent is to tell stories about local businesses.

Make friends with local journalist

So you can be exactly what they need. Invite the editor or reporter to lunch to get a relationship started. If they can't make it, drop by the work place with a box of donuts. Ask them how you can help them with quotes or news stories. Volunteer to be an unpaid guest contributor. Develop the relationship as you would a friendship.

Don't Be Shy – Nominate Yourself for an Award!

Local publications love to highlight local businesses that receive awards or end up on special lists, such as the Top 25 Companies in your state.

Do some online research to find awards or lists that might be a good fit for your company. Then be brazen and nominate yourself! You have to be a candidate to end up a winner.

And if you end up gaining some recognition – even just honorable mention – you can bet that you'll be featured in an upcoming local story.

Attend Networking Events

You know who your target audience is. Look for events that will be attended by that audience. So if you have a travel business, there's no need for you to attend networking events geared to fitness business. That would be wasted time.

On the other hand, when you attend an event that is attended by travel agents, tour operators, tour directors, and anyone else in the travel business, your time will be well spent.

Schmooz at Lunch with Other Local Business Owners

Many people in your local area can prove to be great connections. And as more people become your friends, the number of people who know about your business will expand exponentially.

Mingle with other entrepreneurs

The result will be that your circle of potential customers will expand as well.

Engage with Your Customers

Those potential customers can be your best sales people. Treat them like royalty, and they will refer their friends, some of whom will also become customers.

The key is to communicate with your customers after they've purchased from you.
  • Follow up to find out whether they're happy with their purchase.
  • Send a handwritten thank you.
  • Send them tips on the use of your product that goes beyond the basics.
  • Send a birthday card.
  • Entertain them.
  • Educate them.
  • Serve them.
Treating your customers as friends encourages their loyalty and increases referrals.

As a result, your business will grow and become more famous than your competitors. The whole town will be talking about you.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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