Positive Psychology: Go From Failure To Online Superhero

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You don't need to take a course in psychology to figure out how to go from being a failure to becoming a superhero. Positive psychology explains that if you are happy, you are likely to be productive and innovative.

Those are great characteristics that will help you become a successful online entrepreneur. And if you develop those qualities, the benefits are likely to extend into your personal life as well. So how do you magically become a happy online entrepreneur?

According to the Positive Psychology Center, University of Pennsylvania, positive psychology is the 'study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.' Then you take advantage of those strengths.

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 And here are some practices that can help you go from failure to superhero.

Practice Thankfulness

After an online visitor makes a purchase on your site, don't forget them. Engage with them, and show them that you appreciate their business. Send them emails that help them get to like, know, and trust you – emails that don't sell or promote anything.

Your clients will see the human side of you and might even begin to consider you a friend. As a result, they will remember and recommend you when a question about a problem that your product solves comes up in a Facebook group or a forum.

Move Your Body

Spending quite a bit of time at your computer is something that is usually part of being an online entrepreneur. But you'll find that your brain will become refreshed if you get up and move away from your pc for a while.

Don't just get up and go sit down somewhere else. Take a short walk or take 10 minutes to throw a ball for your dog. You might be surprised when you return to your computer that the solution you couldn't seem to find before appears very quickly. You just needed a change for a short while.

stay positive - move your body

Seek Advice from Others

Another way for solutions to appear 'magically' is to talk the issue over with someone. You don't have to find someone who has knowledge of your business. Sometimes just explaining what led up to the problem you're having reveals a solution.

Take Days Off

When you run your own business, you may end up working longer hours than when you had a 'regular' job. That kind of adherence to a work schedule can ultimately end in burn-out.

But you probably still push yourself to continue running your business because your family depends on you. Or you may give up the business and go back to working a 'regular' job, which you hate.

Burn-out is not inevitable. Take some days off to regenerate your emotions. Go away if possible, and don't take work with you. Even a long week end in a relaxing environment can allow you to return to work with a fresh attitude.

Congratulate Yourself

Take a few moments each day to recognize what you've accomplished – even if it's just a small accomplishment. You deserve to congratulate yourself.

Your business may be coasting along in an acceptable way – making enough money but not really satisfying you as a professional. If that's the case, consider using some of these tips to see if you can become happier, both with your business and your life in general. You might end up with increasing sales.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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