Benefits of Getting a .SITE Domain for Your Website

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dot site domain

You've decided to build a website for your online business or your blog. You've got the perfect name in mind. It's short and direct, so you check its availability.

Oh, no! It's not available as a .com. After your first surge of disappointment, you decide to look at .net. Nope, not available. Your third choice .org – not available either.

So now you check the name with an incorrect spelling. You drop out vowels and put in hyphens to look for a short name that's kind-of what you want.

But you've read that you shouldn't use hyphens. So what should you do next?

There Is a Great Solution

SimpleSite is one of few companies to offer new gTLDs (generic top-level domains) and has a great solution for you.
  • Go to SimpleSite
  • Get a unique .SITE premium domain extension for your website
  • Build a website with your preferred name. Just click the green button to get started.
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A Meaningful Website Name Helps Your Branding

Getting your company name or your first and last names as your domain name is great for branding yourself or your company. Visitors know exactly whose site they're going to and/or what they can expect at that site if your URL is one of the following –
Or maybe you want a clever name that describes your niche, but the .com wasn't available. You probably have a good chance of getting that with SimpleSite's premium .SITE extensions. Check to see if it's available.

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Get your own .site domain email

Your Email Address Will Be Just as Meaningful

Once you have a meaningful website name, your email address will be equally memorable. You'll have something like or

Visitors will remember your email easily. In fact, it'll be so easy that they probably won't even have to write it down. But make sure they do have it in written format – just in case.

How to Set Up an Email Address with Your Own Domain will walk you through the easy process to set up your new premium SimpleSite .SITE email address.

Google Loves the New gTLDs

You're not alone in not being able to get the exact domain name that you want with .com. Seems that Google is in the same boat with you. That's why Google not only loves the new gTLDs, but also owns many URLs with new gTLDs.

Some people thought that the new gTLDs would get preference with Google, but Google states that "our systems treat new gTLDs like other gTLDs (like .com & .org)." Google also gives detailed information about moving your current site to a .SITE URL.

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dot site

Take Charge Now

Be one of the trend-setters who is taking advantage of the benefits of .SITE short URLs. Head over to SimpleSite and see if your perfect name is available with a premium .SITE extension.

If you want to check out some of the other new gTLDs available at SimpleSite, you can get an overview here.

Whichever domain extension you choose, you can have your new SimpleSite up and running in minutes. Click the green button to get started.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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