5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Online Entrepreneur

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How do I become an online entrepreneur

The power of the internet gives you all you need to have a profitable online business. You've built your business website, and now, you plan to take the internet by storm.

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Okay, that didn't take long. Now you've built your site – let's explore the steps to become a successful online entrepreneur.

Develop a Business Plan

No matter how small your business is, a business plan is crucial to keep you focused on your goals.

Part of designing your business plan will involve market research to make sure that your idea can be profitable. Are other people making a living in the same field your business is in?

Don't be afraid of competition. If no one else is selling what you are offering, it could mean that you might be better off with a different product or service.

"In life, sometimes you don't know what's possible until you see what's possible for someone else," said Derek Halpern, a well known internet marketer.

Put User Friendly Features on Your SimpleSite

To be successful online, user friendly tools need to be prominent on your site.
  • Buy buttons and a shopping cart are obviously necessary so that customers can purchase your product or service easily.
  • Surveys provide a great way to confirm that customers find it easy to use your site. Ask visitors direct questions about the ease of using your site.
  • Surveys are also a great way to tap into the future needs of your customers. Simply ask what products or services they need.

Advertise Yourself

Yes, you'll need to promote your SimpleSite. If potential customers don't know that you've got the best products or services, you'll be a very lonely online entrepreneur.

Key to success: Learn how to sell yourself

Self-promotion sounds like a dirty word to a lot of people, but unfortunately, you have to –
  • let potential customers know about your offer
  • explain why it's better than the competition
  • make special offers
Some advertising can be free. For example, be sure to use social media to let the world know how to find you and your offers.

Of course, Facebook is a great place to promote your website, but use whichever social media you're most comfortable. Later, you can expand to use additional platforms.

Always Be 'In the Know'

The internet changes faster and faster every day. Don't be left behind selling products that no one wants any longer.

Stay on top of current likes and dislikes at Google Trends so that you are always aware of what will be profitable.

Successful Online Entrepreneur – step by step

Be Persistent

This is the most difficult step of all. It's very rare for a business to become successful overnight. When you read about overnight successes, what doesn't get reported is the seemingly interminable length of time the 'successful' person worked and failed.

So don't give up. If you're doing the right things in the right way, persistence will pay off in the end. Just don't expect that payoff to be tomorrow.

"Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence." – Denis Waitley, motivational speaker and author of Seeds of Greatness and The Winner's Edge.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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