5 Reasons Your Website is Unsuccessful

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Reasons your website is unsuccessful

Do you feel lost among today's 1.2+ billion websites?

According to Internet Live Stats, that number is going up faster than you can imagine.

How in the world can your website be successful with so much competition? Getting lost among so many websites is easy, and so is making fundamental mistakes when setting your site up.

Don't worry. There's hope.

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Storytelling on your SimpleSite is critical to entertain your readers. But make sure you don't make the following mistakes.

1: Not Easy to Use

If your website is confusing to navigate, your visitors will get a poor impression of you. After all, if your site is confusing, your visitors will wonder if you could possibly be any good at conducting business?

Make sure that your site has a clean layout with navigation that clearly describes what the reader will find in each section.

2: Large Blocks of Text

Readers are very spoiled these days and will leave a website that overwhelms them with too much text. Readers want to scan to determine if they should stay.

Give your visitors all the necessary information in an easy-to-absorb way.
  • Divide your text into sections with subheads.
  • Make paragraphs and sentences short.
  • Use bullet points to focus attention.
Simplify your website

3: A Confusing Website Name

Choosing a domain name can be frustrating. Your website and domain name should –
  • Convey your company's brand.
  • Be SEO friendly.
You may come up with the best name ever, only to find that it's not available, so prepare several options to check.

In the past, .com extensions were preferred for search results although Google denied that favoritism.
Today, though, you can choose a generic top level domain (gTLD) that aligns with your company, such as extensions like .store, .site, .xyz, etc.

4: No Call-to-Action (CTA)

You may have the perfect domain name on a beautiful site that's easy to use, but you won't get sales unless you tell your visitors exactly what to do.

This might sound as though you're treating your readers like children. But if you don't provide clear-cut directions, they'll probably just browse your site and then head to a competitor's site.
Your CTA can –
  • put the product/service in the visitor's shopping cart for purchase on your website;
  • link them to another site for purchase;
  • connect them to you for more information about your service;
  • encourage visitors to follow you on social media;
  • suggest visitors sign up for updates on your latest news.
Mobile friendly websites are successful

5: Not Mobile Friendly

According to StatCounter, in October 2016, more people accessed the internet via mobile devices than through desktops – for the first time ever.

The trend of using smartphones and tablets rather than desktops or laptops is likely to continue. Your SimpleSite is mobile ready, but if your content is not presented in a way that is easy to read on smaller screens, then you could miss out on that traffic.
  • No large blocks of text
  • Appropriate subheadings
  • Bullet points
Avoid the above mistakes to be on your way to having a successful website.

Use every strategy possible to entice visitors to stay on your site rather than jumping to your competitor's.

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