We're Launching 4 NEW Domain Extensions for Your Website!

Thursday, July 06, 2017 2 comments

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New Alternative Domain Extensions

At SimpleSite we're proud to announce that we are now one of few providers to offer four brand new and modern top level domains.

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From today, our users are now able to swap the old .com with one of these very trendy domain extensions:
.site domain .xyz domain
.online domain .store domain

Why Upgrade to One of Our New Domain Extensions?

Having your own domain name has several advantages:
  1. It will be easier for your visitors to remember your website’s address,
  2. You can choose a top level domain that matches your website (eg. .store for online stores)
  3. Your chances of appearing in online search results will increase significantly,
  4. You and your website will look more professional,
  5. You will be able to have your own personal email (eg. thanks to SimpleSite’s email domain address setup.
 Click on the green button to sign up for a website with personal domain straight away. If you don’t already have a SimpleSite, we invite you to try out our super easy website builder for FREE.

Get a website with a trendy domain

Benefits of the NEW Domain Extensions

If your preferred .com domain name is already taken, our new domain extensions still allow you to get an easy-to-remember, professionally looking domain for your website!

You will have plenty of alternative domain names. You might even have better options than with the .com availability. Just compare to – What would you prefer? Or compared to
Remember domain names are permanent, and if you have any further questions you can read more about domains here or contact our customer service at

How to Choose the Best Domain Name

Your domain name should be the same name as your own name or your brand’s name, or it should reflect the purpose of your website. For example: or

It's important to choose a name that is easy for people to remember, and it should be unique enough not to be confused with other websites.

You can get more tips on choosing the right domain from our article 6 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Website.

Remember: You don’t HAVE to use the same domain name as your SimpleSite username! You can always choose another domain name later on.

Choose the Perfect Domain Extension

At SimpleSite you can choose between all the domain extensions displayed below + most regional extensions – Get started with SimpleSite today.


Most popular domain extension
(used to be for companies only)


The most widely used
alternative to .com domains


Organisations of all types –
Perfect for NGOs


Business websites and


Informational blogs and

Websites targeting users
from the United Kingdom


Perfect for DIY blogs and
stores with multiple items


Works for any website


Ideal for any individuals
and businesses


Great for online stores

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