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Thursday, June 08, 2017 1 comments

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How to write your first e-book

When you read last week's article 7 Unique Ways PLR Can Boost Engagement on Your Website, you saw a suggestion about encouraging readers to sign up to your email list by using Private Label Rights (PLR) to write an e-book to give away.

Did the idea of writing an e-book scare you? It shouldn't. Using PLR will make the process far easier than you could have imagined.
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Have you already searched on Google for PLR on your topic? Did you find some good possibilities and purchase one or more pieces of PLR?

If so, be sure not to fall into the same trap as a lot of website owners. That's the trap of letting that PLR sit on your hard drive, just taking up space and not benefiting you. Put it to work for you.

Components of Your E-Book

Your e-book will need certain elements in this order –
  • A cover that you can make for free at Canva or a graphics program that you prefer
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • The main content of the e-book
  • Summary
  • A legal disclaimer at the beginning or end to protect you from liability – free text to use at SEQ Legal
You will either start with a complete PLR e-book, or you can combine PLR articles. Either way, you need to rewrite the text so that your readers don't see material on your site with text exactly the same as on your competitor's website.

Whichever method you're using, make digital copies of the PLR, and save the originals in a separate folder. Use the copies as your working documents.
Publish an ebook

Using a Complete PLR E-Book vs Creating an E-Book by Combining PLR Articles

If you bought a PLR pack that contains a complete e-book or report, you may already have several of the items listed above. You will still need to make substantial changes as shown below in order to make it your own.
If you bought a PLR pack with articles that go well together, you can combine them, but the process will be slightly different. Take a look at the guidelines below.

Using a Complete PLR E-Book

Step 1 – Change the cover. Use Canva or your favorite graphics program to create a new cover with a new image and new text.
Step 2 – Open the e-book in your word processing program and change the title.
Step 3 – Read the text you bought and make notes about what you want to change. Rewrite the text in all sections. If possible, personalize the text with examples from your own experience or information that you found online.
Step 4 – Include links to pertinent resources.
Step 5 – Add images. Be sure that you have the rights to the images you use.
Step 6 – Re-format the text with subtitles, bulleted lists, and shaded text boxes.
Step 7 – If you have your own logo, put it in the footer along with a link to your website, your contact information, and your social media pages.

Create an E-Book by Combining PLR Articles

Step 1 – You won't have a cover, so you'll need to make one using Canva or your favorite graphics program.
Step 2 – Start a document for your e-book and give it a title.
Step 3a – Write your own introduction and summary.
Step 3b – Copy and paste the text you want to use from the original articles. Rewrite the text and personalize it as you would in Step 3 of above.
For Steps 4 through 7, follow the guidelines in the previous section Using a Complete PLR E-Book.
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For more information about PLR, read Private Label Rights: Your Shortcut to Engaging Content for Your Website.

Author: Kate Benzin

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