Private Label Rights: Your Shortcut to Engaging Content for Your Website

Thursday, May 25, 2017 1 comments

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Private label rights material can save you a lot of time

You already know that having unique, high quality content on your website is critical to your online success. That content needs to engage visitors and answer their questions before they even ask.

Unfortunately, creating content is time consuming, even if you've been practicing the productivity tips in Improve Your Productivity – Step 4: Work Smarter, Not Longer/Harder.

When you don't have enough time, private label rights material, or PLR, can be a life saver. PLR is text that you purchase with the right to publish the content and claim it as your own. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Yes – it's wonderful. But a question may have already popped into your mind – if you can buy the content, can't your competitors do the same? You wouldn't want to publish content that has already been or might soon be published on your competitors' websites.

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PLR can be easy to use. Just follow the guidelines below, and you'll discover how it can save you loads of time and also help you have the unique, high quality content you need.

High Quality PLR is Affordable

There is a lot of low quality, old PLR on the market. You don't want to buy that kind. If the quality is poor, you'd probably spend as much time editing it as if you'd researched and written original content.

Some niches are evergreen. In other words, the information for the niche doesn't change much over time. Most likely, though, your site would be damaged by old PLR that gives out of date information.

How, then, do you choose PLR that's high quality and up to date? You won't be able to examine the text of the articles before you buy, so at first, you'll have to do your best to evaluate the likelihood that PLR content you purchase will be worth the cost.
  • Do a Google search on the name of the PLR site or the author to find reviews from previous customers. This search is worth the time because you can eliminate some obviously bad PLR.
  • Make a small purchase. PLR is often sold in packs of several articles, so buy one of the less expensive packs to read and evaluate. The quality is generally similar across all articles.

Customize private label rights material for your website

Personalize the PLR

Yes, you'll need to do some rewriting so that your readers don't recognize the content as something they'd already seen somewhere else. But rewriting is far easier than starting from scratch.

You'll want to rewrite both the headline and the text as much as possible, but here are some additional tips to get you started.
  • Add your opinion in several places.
  • Give examples to expand key ideas.
  • Add sub-headings in various spots.
  • Change the formatting. For example, make bullet points from ideas in a paragraph.
  • Read Research for Your Blog Posts Is Easy – Find Out How for tips on finding supplemental data to add to the article.
  • Do a Google search for quotes that fit the content and insert them in boxes in between paragraphs.
  • Add images or YouTube videos to embellish the text.
By the time you finish, you will have infused the article with your style and voice. You'll have new, engaging content for your readers, and you will have done it a lot faster than you might imagine.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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