How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Small Business

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How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Small Business

Hobbyists often daydream about making money from their hobby, but most don’t do more than dream. You might be the exception. Just keep in mind that once your hobby becomes the way you make a living, you’ll have to:
  • Do it even when you’re not in the mood
  • Meet deadlines
  • Shift your attitude from enjoying a hobby to earning a living
If those issues don’t dissuade you, then let’s take a look at how to proceed.

Look at Your Competition

Do you know people who are successfully making money from your hobby? Is your talent in performing this activity equal to or better than theirs?

Let’s say your hobby is showing your dogs at dog shows. Maybe you’ve even showed some of your dogs to their championship. And let’s say that people have watched you handle your dogs and complimented you on how professional you are. Maybe some friends have asked you to show their dogs as well, and you’ve showed some of them to their championships.

It makes sense that you would think about earning a living from this activity that you love so much and giving up sitting at your computer in a cubicle five days a week.

Check out other handlers to find out:
  • How much they get paid
  • How often they have to go to dog shows
  • Whether they keep the dogs in between shows
  • What kind of transportation they use
  • How far they have to travel
  • How they market themselves
  • What they like and, more importantly, what they dislike about the work
How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Small Business

Make the Switch

If you still want to make a business out of your hobby, it’s time to make some decisions.
  • Choose a name for your business – something that’s easy to remember and reflects the nature of the activity. Eventually, you’ll make a website for your small business, so this would be a good time to go to SimpleSite to check whether that business name is available.
  • Register your business name in your local area, and obtain any necessary permits or licenses.
  • Your goals:
    1. Make an itemized list of the expenses you will have in your new business.
    2. Decide what you will charge for your service or product.
    3. Determine how much income will you need from your new business before you can quit your regular job.
    4. Determine who your target market is. Read How to Define Your Target Market to help you with this.
    5. Plan how you will reach your target audience. If you haven’t built a SimpleSite yet, you’ll need to do it at this point. You can get started for FREE. Just click the green button.
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Brand Yourself

Build a brand for your service.
  • Make business cards and start passing them out everywhere.
  • Establish a professional online presence on your SimpleSite. Use this site to:
    • Display photos of your hobby-turned-business
    • Write posts that help others in this activity
    • Establish yourself as the person everyone can go to for advice on this activity
  • Use social media to let the world know about your business. You probably already have a personal account at Facebook, but this is the time to make a business page. Read How to Make a Business Page on Facebook – Part 1 to get advice on doing this easily.

Don’t Give Up!

“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.” – Babe Ruth
Persistence is the key to success. Don’t give up. Start today by building your SimpleSite for FREE. Just click the green button.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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