How to Become a Successful Influencer

Monday, November 28, 2016 2 comments

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Become a successful influencer

Capturing the attention of modern consumers gets more difficult every day because they have become wise to the usual methods of internet marketers.

Today, consumers look for recommendations by people they view as trustworthy.

If you want the advantages that come with being a leader in your niche, you need to become one of these trustworthy sources. If you don't advance your blog into this position, you can be sure that your competitors will.

How do you evolve into being one of these trusted sources? Here are a few tips that will point you in the right direction to become a better influencer.

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#1 Get input from your visitors about what they want or need

When you write posts about your niche, it is easy to think that you know what's important for your blog's visitors to read. But you could be way off base. Don't make assumptions. You might assume that they know more about the topic than they actually do. Or less.

Instead of blindly writing posts that you think are pertinent, find out what they know already so that you can write posts that address the issues they actually need instead of the topics you deem necessary.

How do you do this? If you have an email list, you can send out emails and ask. If not, then you could ask readers to leave comments that tell you their most pressing needs.

Even better, go to SurveyMonkey and set up a survey on your blog to find out.

#2 Once you know what they want, give it without expecting anything in return

The next step is to give far more than you expect to receive. Make sure that your content is high quality and solves problems for your readers. They will then recommend you to others, and little by little, you will become known for your expertise.

During this process, keep up the interaction with your readers through surveys and comments. If your visitors feel like part of your team, they won't visit only once in a while – they'll become your followers.

Be a generous blogger to become a successful influencer

#3 Be generous

Don't be afraid to direct your followers to other blogs that have inspired you and that have relevant content for your readers. They will recognize your unselfish actions and think more highly of you.

At the same time, take advantage of opportunities to guest post on some of those other blogs. Getting known in your niche's blogging community will bring you more followers, and other bloggers will begin to cite information that you publish.

As you get better known, more and more people will think of you when they need information about your niche.

But remember that this process takes time. Be patient. You will not become the go-to person in your niche overnight. You will need to post regularly for several months.

Consistency and quality will pay off in the end. If you've been publishing valuable content and interacting with both your followers and other bloggers in your niche, you may just find that you've become a successful influencer.

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Author: Kate Benzin


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