Your Blog Can Change Someone Else's Life

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Help other people go through difficult times

Have you ever thought that your blog posts might be able to help other people who are going through difficult times?

If you already blog about your hobby, then you've likely received comments that have mentioned how your techniques helped a reader. The reverse is probably also true when you've gotten comments with suggestions that have helped you out.

But what if you blogged about more personal topics, for example the difficult times that you've gone through? Do you think that sharing your methods of coping might help or inspire others?

You probably understand how writing about traumatic events in your life helps you work through the small or big bumps you find as you travel through life. In fact, journaling for your own mental health is a widely recognized way of dealing with your own emotional issues.

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Connect with Others

You may not yet accept the idea that others can benefit from posts you write about your traumas, but think about literature for a moment.

"The good writing of any age has always been the product of someone's neurosis, and we'd have a mighty dull literature if all the writers that came along were a bunch of happy chuckleheads."
 – William Styron, Writers at Work, 1958

In that vein, you've probably read a book or two that eased your pain a bit when you read about a main character you could identify with.

The same can be true with blogging. Your blog posts can touch readers who are dealing with issues comparable to yours.

Regardless of how unique your particular situation is, this big world contains others who are suffering through similar dilemmas. Your posts can help them –
  • cope with a similar predicament
  • look at their situation in a new light
  • resolve to improve their lives
No one is suggesting that your posts should be written at the level of Hemingway or Faulkner. The point is that when bloggers write about traumatic events in their own lives, the reader can identify and feel less alone in dealing with the problem.

Blogging is therapy

Tips to Help You Write About Your own Emotional Issues

  • If blogging publicly about painful periods of your life seems like something you just can't do, then write your blog under a pen name. It can be just as rewarding for both you and your readers.
  • Start out by focusing on big themes that many readers will be able to identify with – love, fear, disappointment. Be specific enough that your readers are interested, but leave the heavy topics like suicidal thoughts and severe depression until you can see by readers' comments that they're ready.
  • Don't worry if your readership doesn't grow fast. Most blogs don't grow quickly. It's likely to take 6-12 months to have a significant number of readers. At the beginning, let it be enough that you are getting the benefit of clarifying your thoughts and feelings in written form. And stick with it.
  • Read comments from your readers very carefully so that you can see what parts of your writing touch people the most. In addition, comments showing your readers' needs and interests will guide you in deciding on topics for future posts.
  • Some readers are likely to give negative comments, such as "Grow up," "Get a life," or even worse. Just delete them without trying to prove your point. But if a reader takes the time to write a thoughtful negative comment, read it carefully to see if there's something you missed in your post. You might find a whole new post from a phrase in a negative comment.
  • Write your posts as stories – not as chunks of information. Stories touch people emotionally and keep their attention. Your readers feel a connection with you through your stories – not through information that you give them.
  • Be authentic. Readers will know when an article is not honest.
  • Don't worry about changing the world. Just imagine one reader and try to touch that person.
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Your Blog Can Change Someone Else's Life

It's Your Blog

Your blog can be about whatever you want as long as your words are not harmful to others. Whether you write under your own name or use a pen name, people walking a similar road as you will be happy to connect with a blogger who has some of the same issues to deal with.

They may not always leave you a comment to express that sentiment, so you may have to remind yourself from time to time that your first reason for blogging about your issues is to help yourself. And if your posts help someone else along the way, that's a big bonus.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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