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Start blogging about your overseas adventure

Do you love to read travel stories? Is travel one of your passions even though you can't seem to find enough time or money to visit all the destinations on your bucket list?

Here's a way to take advantage of your passion for travel. Start a travel blog.

You don't have to be a travel expert. You just have to have the right mindset and enthusiasm.

Write an article that shares your impressions of a place. Where did you find the best food? Did you like your hotel, or did you find something nicer and less expensive once you were there? Which museums are not to be missed, and which museums should your readers avoid at all costs? Where did you find the best scenes to photograph?

But you don't have to write only about places that you've already visited. Write about destinations that are still waiting to see your smiling face. Research a place you're eager to visit and share that with your readers.

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It won't cost you anything but time to begin. SimpleSite offers you the opportunity to build a FREE blog. Just click the green button to get started.

Let's Get Real

First, let's get rid of the notion that becoming a travel blogger will mean that you'll soon be paid to travel the world and write about it. That kind of benefit might materialize eventually – but only after a lot of hard work.

So the first thing to accept is that you'll start blogging about travel to satisfy your own cravings – not because you're going to be giving up your day job for full-time travel any time soon.

Since that's now out of the way, let's look at the best way to start blogging about travel.

Start a travel blog

Choose a Catchy Name

I can almost hear you saying, 'That's easy.'

Unless you've already had a name in mind for a while, this could actually be the most difficult part of getting started. Choosing the right name for your blog takes some serious thought.

But at SimpleSite, you can start your free travel blog right away and change the name later.

The name you start with might not stand the test of time, so don't worry too much about that now. Don't procrastinate. Just get started.

You'll probably come up with a better name for your blog after you've published a few posts. By then, you'll have a clearer idea of your travel blog's focus.

But don't wait too long to decide on a permanent name. You won't want to change the name after your blog starts getting significant traffic. Here's some advice to help you choose your travel blog's name.

Short and memorable – If you choose a name that's too long and/or difficult to remember, readers will forget how to find you. Repeat visitors who share your posts are necessary for success.
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers – it just gets too complicated to tell someone your blog name.
  • Don't include overused words like 'wandering,' 'adventurous,' 'nomad.' Those words have been used too much at this point, so blogs with those words won't stand out.
Good for the long-term – Keep your options open. Don't choose a name that limits you. In other words –
  • Don't choose if there is even the slightest chance you might eventually want to write about other countries.
  • Don't choose Your focus might change if you meet the love of your life. Matthew Karsten at started his first blog with the name but had to change the name when he realized that he wanted to travel for longer than a year.
  • Don't choose if there's a chance you might want to include higher end information later on.
These rules are not written in stone. It's fine to have a niche-specific travel blog – for example, specifically budget travel. Just remember that re-branding isn't easy.

Blog about your travels

Social Media Accounts

Hand in hand with choosing a name is securing that name at your social media accounts. You're probably not ready yet to start posting on social media, but you'll want to make sure that no one else has the name you've chosen. Check at the following social media even if you don't currently use all of them.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat
Start sharing relevant content on social media under your blog's name as soon as you can. Get your name known. Social media activity can bring traffic to your new blog.

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Travel blog photos

Create and Publish Content with Images

Start by writing about destinations that you've already visited. Your posts can describe your impressions of the location but should also include information from your research. You could even use short, relevant paragraphs and quotes by others who have visited the destination.

Don't forget to include several relevant, inviting images in each post. If you don't have photos that you've taken, check out Pixabay. Images at this site won't cost you anything.

Maybe you don't want to start with posts about your previous travels. No problem. Write about your local area. People often think that their own local areas are uninteresting, but once you do a little research into what's available locally, you might find it's far more interesting than you thought.

Still not sure what to write about first? Write a post about your favorite travel books. Write about tips that you've learned over your years of traveling. Write about how to pack light.

The topics are endless. But keep in mind that to have a successful travel blog, you need to provide useful content – not just a diary of your travels. Your posts should give readers information about –
  • general travel tips
  • photography
  • where to stay
  • where to eat
  • travel tips specific to a particular destination
If you're not sure what readers are looking for, do a Google search on 'travel blogs.' Read what other travel bloggers are writing about. And don't forget to read the comments to find out how readers reacted to the post. Those comments contain valuable information for you. Plan to publish new content two to three times a week to get started.

I'll bet you're ready now to start your FREE travel blog on SimpleSite. Click the green button and get started.

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