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Website Statistics with Bitly

Do you have a website or a blog that has started to get some traffic, but you're not sure exactly where the traffic is coming from? Or do you ever wonder which of your blog posts get most views and clicks from social media?

Maybe you're curious or maybe you don't care.

We're all happy to know that visitors are coming to the website that we built with so much love. But knowing where your traffic is coming from will be a huge advantage to you in the long run.

Yes, statistics can be very boring. But think about this. If you don't know whether your traffic is coming from Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or another social media platform you're using, then you can't know which one to focus on to promote your website. After all, you want to put your time where it will give you the best results.

We all know how important time is. Time that is spent on a social media platform that is not driving traffic to your website is time wasted. On the other hand, time that is spent on the exact social media platforms that are sending you traffic is time very well spent.

Or think about this.

What if you could know which of your pages or blog posts get most clicks? Then you can create even more content like this and your readers will love you for it!

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The Real Question

How can you track the visitors who come to your website from social media? Some people say that this is a difficult or even impossible task. Don't believe them. Tracking those visitors is just a matter of having the correct tool. is the right tool for you to use.

You may already use as a link (URL) shortener. If you only use it to shorten links, though, you're missing out on one of's main benefits – its tracking power.

Whenever you use to shorten a link, it counts the number of hits on that link and also shows –
  • referral sources
  • social media conversations
  • the country your visitors are from
This information can make it easy to decide which social media platforms to devote more time to and which to let slide for a while. And you can easily see which links get the most visits and thereby know which content performs best.

How to Use Bitly for Statistics is easy to use and fre. So you have nothing to lose by trying it out.
  1. Sign up for a free account – click here.
  2. Click the 'Create Bitlink' button at upper right.
  3. Choose one of your posts or pages that you want to promote. Copy the URL/link (you find it in the address bar of your browser) and paste that URL into the box, and click 'Create' at the bottom.
  4. Copy the bitlink by clicking 'Copy' at the top of the next window.
  5. Start telling the world about your post by using this link on the various social media platforms that you use.
  6. To get your tracking information, go back to and sign in. You will see a list of your bitlinks on the left. Click on them one by one to see the statistics about that link's performance.
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What is Dark Traffic?

By using the above strategy, you'll be able to know where most of your web traffic comes from. But unfortunately, there is some sharing that takes place under the radar or through secure sites which don't collect user information. This kind of traffic is called 'dark traffic' and can't be attributed to a particular source.

Dark traffic, however, will be a small part of your traffic and shouldn't stop you from tracking the traffic whose source is known. By tracking your visitors, you'll know where to concentrate your efforts, and you won't need to waste time on social media that doesn't produce for you.

So head over to and start tracking the visitors to your website.

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Author: Kate Benzin

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