Local Business Owners: Here’s How to Build the Best Local Links in 2016

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As mentioned in our SEO tutorial building links to your website can benefit you greatly when it comes to gaining more traffic. Links create relationships between websites and are useful for gaining more visibility in the search engines and getting more visibility in the local community.

But how do you build the best links for your local business website? Here are some tips to get started on gaining links from locally significant sources.

Reach Out to Local Institutions

Be proactive and ready to offer incentives to local colleges and universities. Explain the discounts on your site comprehensively and then reach out to local alumni associations to get added to their website.

Look for Local Meet-Ups

Open the site and be on the lookout for active groups within your region and niche. A way to levarage of is to look for groups searching for a venue for their meetings and then offer to be the host. This way you can get yourself a local link. Make sure to also be on the lookout for groups looking for sponsors.

Have a Local Resource Site

Essentially you should endeavor to build up a great website where you share information related to your area of interest (or the area of interest related to your business). If your content is good, pages with content related to yours will link back to your site, and this will bring you more traffic.

Embrace Local Awards

Find out more about the local awards that your business is eligible for and go through the nomination process. The goal here is to win. The result will most likely be shared online via a website and that means you will get links and publicity. At times getting nominated is enough to get you a link, but who wouldn’t like to win?

Leverage on Existing Alliances

If your business has existed for a while alreadu, you should have plenty of established partnetships. Target these businesses to exchange links.

Local Figures

Align yourself with a local figure such as the mayor or church minister. If not directly, use their network and your friends to get to a person of interest. Schedule an interview and publish it on your website and contact local newspapers and bloggers. Wait for the links to roll in.

Local blogs

Engage with bloggers from your community and invite them to write about your business. Make them engage with your business by launching co-creation products or services, or ask them for expert advise to showcase on your business’ website. This should encourage them to link to your website.

Sponsor a local league team

Are you willing to put some money into sponsoring? Then supporting the local sport team is a great way to gain more publicity. Go for a sport that is popular in your community or where you think the audience is more likely to turn into your customers.

Sponsoring will generate good-will for both you and your business in the local community, and ultimately it can lead to some great links to your website.

Do you have more tips? Feel free to share them with us by leaving a comment below!

Author: Camilla Groen

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