10 Tips That Will Make Your Website 10 Times More Visible To Search Engines (Part 1)

Thursday, July 09, 2020 , 5 comments

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Imagine your website is a car. It’s optimized for getting you from A to B as fast as possible. It will go wherever you want it to go. But without fuel and steering the car it’s going nowhere. It’s the same with your SimpleSite website.

All SimpleSite websites are optimized for search engines out of the box. But if you want your website to appear on page one on Google’s search results there is still a ways to go. You have to put some fuel (content) on your car (website) and steer it in the right direction (linking).

Sounds like it might be easier said than done? It’s not! Just follow this 10 step plan, and you will be sure to gain more visibility in the search engines in no time.

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1. Buy a Good Domain Name

The domain name is the address of your website, for example

Your domain name should be the same name as your brand’s name or reflect the purpose of your website. It’s important to choose a name that’s easy for people to remember. Shorter domain names are better than long ones and domains only containing letters are better than ones with numbers or hyphens.

You will get your own professional domain when you upgrade to a SimpleSite PRO plan. Right now you can have the first month for only ONE dollar. Click here to sign up.

Find more information on how to choose the right domain name in the following blog posts:

2. Use Specific Headlines

It’s important to use headlines on your website. It signals to both your visitors and Google what your website is all about. As a rule of thumb use a new headline for every 150 words or 3 paragraphs.

But be aware. It’s not enough just to mark your headlines with bold. You will have to add a new text section on your SimpleSite page and add a headline in the assigned headline box.

Your headlines have to be specific to the subject of your website. If you only use general sentences as headlines Google will not recognize your website! Here is an example of a good (specific) versus a bad (general) headline:

Specific: Welcome to Laura’s pet store – Find everything for your pet!
General: Welcome to my website!

3. Include Image Description

Search engines might be sophisticated, but they can’t “see” what’s on the images on your website (yet anyway). So you have to tell them.

If you want to be amongst the highest rankers it's important that you include image descriptions in (almost) all of the photos on your website. Remember to include an image text that is relevant to the topic of the page, where you put the image.

4. Build Links to Your Website

Links work a bit like recommendations. If many websites link to your website on the word “pet store in Kansas” Google will be more likely to show you on searches related to pets in Kansas.
However, this will only work if the content and headlines on your actual website also indicates that your website is about a pet store in Kansas.

Top advice: Avoid putting your website in any link bank. You may end up being classified as SPAM. A good way of getting reliable links to your website is by guest blogging on other people's websites.

5. Interlink Pages – On Your Own Website!

Just like getting links from other websites is important, it is also important that you link properly to all your own pages and blog posts on your own website. The menu bar is not enough. Maybe you want to include some suggested reading at the bottom of each page, or just link on keywords within the text.

Remember that it’s important to put the link on words that are relevant to the page you link to. This is also commonly called the anchor text.

Example: Lina wants to link to a page about the different brands of cat food she has in stock. It's better for her to link on the actual word “Cat Food” instead of general phrases like “click here”.

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Author: Camilla Groen


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