Success Story: SimpleSite Blogger Goes Viral!

Thursday, November 26, 2020 , 4 comments

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"Dear Teenage Daughter Of Mine,  I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’ve decided that we can’t be friends."
These are the opening words of Amanda's blog post Unfriended, which went viral on social media on October 29th. She's gotten thousands of hits and responses on her SimpleSite blog since, and was even featured in Huffington Post. Of course we had to get in touch with her to ask her about the experience as well as other blog-related questions!

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Amanda went viral with
her SimpleSite blog

What inspires you to write?

Life inspires me.  I write about my marriage, my children and the relationships in my life.

Why did you start blogging?

I originally began blogging in July of 2013 on Caring Bridge to keep family and friends updated on my father's declining health from brain cancer.  I gained a loyal following, mostly of family and friends who knew me and my father.  After he died I stopped writing for about 8 months and realized that writing was my means of keeping myself sane.  When I don't write I tend to bottle up feelings and become depressed.  So in October of 2014 I began a new blog here on SimpleSite.

What were your expectations when you first started out?

The only expectations I had initially was to journal my thoughts for my own emotional health and as a means of record keeping as a gift to my children one day when they are grown.  I really only expected that the same family and friends that read my blog about my dad's cancer would be reading my new one.

How did it feel to see your blog post go viral?

It was very surreal as the exposure grew to know that others enjoyed my work.  My blog is so real and personal to me that I initially was worried about how many people I just allowed to look into my life.  Later that feeling was replaced with a sense of pride and accomplishment and a thankful heart that others appreciated my writing.

What kind of attention have you gotten from the blog post since it’s gone viral?

I've been contacted by media companies and websites all over the United States.  I was featured in the Huffington Post here in the United States as well as in Germany and Canada.

What does your family think about your blogging (especially the latest post and the response it has gotten)?

The post that went viral was about my 14 year old daughter.  At first she did not like the attention, but over time has embraced it.  My family and close friends are as excited as I am over the opportunities this post in particular has afforded me.

Any good advice for new bloggers?

I'd advise that they write from their heart and not write about what they think someone wants to read.  I think the readers connect to authentic honest writing.  Also, I always make sure that my posts are no more than 1500 words.  Blogs should be short stories, more like articles in length.  They are not novels.

Don’t have a website or a blog yet? Create one with your own domain today! »

Author: Michelle de Marée