5 Checklist Points That Will Instantly Improve Your Business Website [Guide]

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In this modern day and age, a website tends to be the first way your potential customers will find and look at you. Whether they’re just coming to your site to find your contact information or stumbled upon it through a search engine query, the following five points should always be considered if you want to get the most out of your business site. (Don’t have your own free business website yet? Make one with SimpleSite).

1. Choose an Obvious Domain Name

As obvious as this one seems, many small businesses still make the mistake of having domain names that are too long, too difficult to understand, or seem to have little or no relation to the products and/or services offered. Keep your domain name short, easy to remember, and with an obvious connection to what you’re selling. This will not only make it easier for your potential customers to remember and find you but a strong domain name will also give you a nice little booster in the search engines! With SimpleSite, you can register your own free domain name, and it will be connected to your website straight away.

2. Make it clear what your business is about

Much like a slogan, come up with a short sentence or two that sums up the nature of your business. What are you offering? What are you all about? What does your business stand for? Make this tagline memorable, and then feature it on your front page as high up on the page as possible. Some of your visitors will know what to expect before they come to your site. But for those that don’t, make it clear as soon as possible. You can then elaborate further on this tagline on your “About” page (should you decide that such a page is relevant for your website).

3. Give your customers a voice

If you find the thought of allowing (potential) customers to leave feedback on your site terrifying–well, you should perhaps have another look at your service level. But if you’re confident about the products and/or services you offer, opening up a dialog between you and your customers can be incredibly powerful. The impact of shared customer experience cannot be overstated when it comes to building trust and transparency on your website. With SimpleSite, you can offer your visitors a “Comments” section and create a contact page or guestbook or a combination of both, whatever makes the most sense for your business and your audience.

4. Create clarity on your front page and in your menu

Think of what pages should be on a website. No doubt, you’re thinking of a front page, an “About” page, a contact page, or maybe a blog page–hold it right there! Yes, it’s very tempting to go with the cookie-cutter solution and do what all the other websites are doing. But take a step back and seriously consider what it is your visitors are looking for. Ask yourself: what are the three problems/questions my customers have that I am looking to solve? For example, if your visitors are looking for your contact information, make sure it’s featured on your front page. Answering the three questions will separate your primary content from your secondary content, and we guarantee it will cut down the number of pages you have on your site. Less information equals greater understanding of what your business is about, and it will get rid of any confusion that may actually hold your visitors back from transforming into customers.

5. Offer an e-commerce solution

This one should go without saying as well. If you’re selling something, make sure your customers can buy it directly from your site in a quick and easy way. SimpleSite offers a web shop solution where you can create and manage your own online store with the same ease with which you maintain your site. Create up to five products in your shop for FREE, or upgrade to our PRO plan and add an UNLIMITED number of products.

Following these five points will most definitely improve your business website and help make your brand stand out. Can’t wait to get started? Then make your own FREE business website with SimpleSite today.

Author: Michelle de Marée

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