5 Fast and Easy Ways to Interact With Your Facebook Audience

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You’ve realized that you need to get with the times–to use all available online technologies to develop your business! So, you’ve decided to make a website, a visual presentation of your brand on the Internet (if you don’t have your own free website yet, this can be done very easily with SimpleSite!).

When your site is ready, you should consider linking it to a social network such as Facebook. The audience of Facebook is enormous, and it would be unwise not to use this platform to help promote your website. It’s also a great way to be in direct contact with the audience you already have.

Start by creating a page or a group on Facebook surrounding the topic your website is all about so that you can fill it with the latest information about your website’s products, services, and promotions. Don’t forget to also create a link on your SimpleSite that leads to your Facebook page so that any visitor on your website can easily find your Facebook page as well.


Let’s take a look at some simple and free ways to promote pages on social networks with the help of friends, friends of friends, and subscribers.


Invite your Facebook friends

Start with sending Page invitations to friends, preferably with an intriguing message! Invitees should be interested in the subject of your page, so it is advisable to study their interests first.

In addition, ask friends to invite their friends to your community, so you create a snowball effect.


Share your friends’ content

People tend to like when their posts or the posts of their friends are shared on the Facebook pages of companies. Share posts from your subscribers to add a personal touch to your brand or website topic, thereby creating the opportunity for dialog between yourself and your subscribers.

Example: Starbucks used a drawing from an admirer of the company as their cover photo on Facebook. As an additional sign of gratitude, Starbucks added a link to the man’s Instagram on their Page.

When you share content of your subscribers, remember to link back to their social media accounts. This will help expand your readership even more!

Ask open questions

Open up a dialog with your subscribers–chances are they want to be heard and they have some solid opinions on your topic or products. Your questions will allow them to express their views in the comments, which in turn could be a great source of inspiration for you.

Allow the subscribers of your community to share their thoughts about similar products, organize a competition for the best name of a new product, or suggest that they share impressions about a particular product of your brand.

Example: Skittles gained more than 5,000 new subscribers just by asking people to describe the feelings they were experiencing the moment they opened a bag of candy.

Motivate people to share their own experiences

A great way to create interactive goings-on on your community page (comments, shared posts, and reviews) is to post short sentences with missing words.

Example: Pringles linked the taste of their chips to summer vacation. Their famous teaser was: "Got the day off? Kick back with *** flavor! Comment and tell us which flavor you would choose.”

SimpleSite has used this particular tactic by asking our users to share a link to their own SimpleSite, so we could see all the great ways in which our website builder is being used!

These questions are very effective for two reasons. Firstly, you are directly communicating with your audience, and secondly, you get to know your customers even better and you can use this information in future marketing campaigns.

Here’s the kicker:

Reading the comments of your subscribers will help you with further identifying your customers’ preferences.


Create opportunities for your subscribers to “vote”

Make a post on your Facebook page with two options. Then ask your followers to either "Like" the post to vote for the first option, or comment if they prefer the second option. You’ll be able to easily see how many “Likes” and comments you have on the post, making it interesting to use for a number of scenarios.

The bottom line?

These five described methods of promotion are both easy and free. You’ll find that direct, informal communication between you and your users will give you great insights and help expand your reach.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own free website with SimpleSite so that you can showcase your products, services, or talents and start reaching out to your audience today!

Author: Michelle de Marée

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