The EASIEST way to set up your own domain name [Infographic]

The EASIEST way to set up your own domain name

SimpleSite has made it super easy to set up a beautiful website with your own personal domain. Gone are the days where you needed a technician to fiddle around with the DNS (whatever that is!) and other such technical configurations. With SimpleSite you can set up your own domain name yourself!

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Why should I get a domain name?

Setting up a domain name for your website or blog will make it stand out. Your website will become more personal and unique, and it will be easier for your visitors to remember your web address.

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How easy is it to set up a domain?

It has never been easier to set up your website with your own domain name, thanks to SimpleSite’s user-friendly interface! Follow just three simple steps in the infographic below and SimpleSite will take care of the rest.

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Author: Camilla Groen

World's Oldest Blogger is 104 – and Still Going Strong

World's Oldest Blogger

The world’s oldest blogger is Dagny Carlsson. She started to blog just four years ago at the age of 100 and immediately took the internet by storm – not just in her home country of Sweden, but all over the world.

She’s been featured on the Swedish TV show Skavlan and on websites EverythingSweden and Stellanaija – to name just a few of the many interviews she’s done.

Take a look at Dagny’s site Blog with Me!, or Blogga Med Mig! in her native Swedish, which is closing in on two million visitors in just four years. Google will translate it for you into just about any language you can think of if you’re not familiar with Swedish.

Dagny’s philosophy is that a long life is due to two main components: good genes and curiosity. Given the activities she pursues at her age, she clearly was fortunate enough to receive good genes.
As for the second component, she considers curiosity to be the way to stay mentally young. She demonstrated this by taking a computer course for the first time when she was 99 years old. Why? To satisfy her curiosity about computers.

As a result of that course, Dagny started a personal blog on SimpleSite in 2012 and continues using the SimpleSite blogging platform today.

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Dagny Carlsson

Dagny signs her blog posts as Bojan – her pen name. She looks at herself and her past history in musings with a little humor, but considers herself to be a blunt person. She likes to write stories that compare how things are now with how they were years ago.

Popular on Facebook

Dagny is not only popular with mainstream media. On Facebook she has a fan page with more than six thousand followers. Take a look at this video posted on April 20th showing her trying out a virtual reality device for the first time. More evidence of her curiosity.

What Is So Fascinating About Dagny's Life?

You might be thinking something to the effect that “Well, if she can do it, I guess I can, too.” But then the naysayer inside your head reminds you that there’s nothing particularly exciting in your life to blog about.

At that point, you probably ask yourself “What is so interesting in her life to blog about?”
Good question.

The answer is that Dagny Carlsson leads a life that is probably not very different from the lives of most people. What sets her apart is the manner in which she presents her life to the public. The popularity of her blog can be attributed to the heartwarming and optimistic attitude that she expresses in her posts. She shares everyday activities with her readers in an endearing tone, such as –
  • memories of her childhood
  • the desserts she likes to make
  • tips on managing personal finances
  • pictures of her home
  • Swedish traditions
  • her gratitude for life in general
In addition to the everyday topics that she blogs about, she hopes to also be a voice for older people. With her interviews in various Swedish newspapers and on several Swedish television programs as well as her ongoing blog and Facebook fan page, Dagny certainly is showing the world just how big an impact a 104-year-old woman can have.

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What Next?

Since Dagny claims that a person gets old when she stops being curious and learning new things, she says that blogging will not be the last thing she learns. She mentioned checking out Instagram next.

Sweden became synonymous with IKEA many years ago. Now, Sweden is famous for Dagny Carlsson, the oldest blogger in the world.

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Author: Kate Benzin

Want to Be a Thought Leader in Your Industry? Here Are 3 Actionable Tips!

Thought Leader

The value of personal branding for industry thought leaders cannot be understated. By definition, personal branding implies being authentic in thoughts and ideas as you market yourself and your career to the network of people around you in addition to maintaining your originality.

In a world where your thought leadership can influence someone thousands of miles away in a matter of seconds, building an online brand is more crucial today than ever before.

In this post, we will discuss some tactical ways to build a strong personal brand on the Internet.

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Build an Identity with a Website

Are you wondering what you’d put on a website for yourself? There are many things. For example, your story. Make it a crisp, emotional tale of your life. This is a good way to showcase your personality and character. You can add a section about your professional achievements, the books and people that inspire you, the principles you live by and your life’s biggest lessons. You can add a blog section too and update it as often as you can with your thoughts and ideas about anything that you find interesting or simply focus on your work-related topics.

Use a simple platform such as SimpleSite to build your website. Choosing the website name is also important. You want a name that is descriptive and an extension of your online identity. You can register a website with your name and a domain extension that describes your field of interest. For example,, a first name with a .TECH domain extension for someone who wants to build influence in technology.  Remember to add all your social links on the website and track your visitors to make it your window to the world outside.

Remember to include a straightforward way for readers to reach you. Overtime, the website can get you requests for quotes from journalists when they are working on industry stories. It can also get you invites from industry events to be a keynote speaker or a panelist.


Build Trust by Branding Everything You Share Online

As a leader, it is important for you to build credibility with your growing follower base and an effective way to do that is by establishing link-trust. What is link-trust? It is the perception a user has of the link they are about to click on - whether positive or mistrustful. Nobody wants to click on anything that may be suspicious or unverified. Not only that, with every link that you share, you have an opportunity to brand it with your name! Simply register a domain name and sign up for a custom URL shortner service.

For example, assume you are a thought leader in the eCommerce space and your domain name is Now, if you wish to share an article about SEO for eCommerce and the link is long and awkward, you can brand it with your own domain name and make it look like this: Your followers will know that what they are about to click on has your stamp of approval. Their trust in you would strengthen overtime as they continue to see only quality content coming their way through your branded links.

Build Originality by Choosing a Website Name that Describes You

Now that you know you can amplify your leadership and influence by taking your brand online with a dedicated website and branded links, read 6 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Domain Name to know more about choosing the most effective website name.

Keep in mind that you should choose a descriptive new domain extension too. For example, use .PRESS if you wish to build a brand in citizen journalism or use .FUN if you wish to talk about entertainment and recreation.

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Success Story: SimpleSite Blogger Goes Viral!

"Dear Teenage Daughter Of Mine,  I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’ve decided that we can’t be friends."
These are the opening words of Amanda's blog post Unfriended, which went viral on social media on October 29th. She's gotten thousands of hits and responses on her SimpleSite blog since, and was even featured in Huffington Post. Of course we had to get in touch with her to ask her about the experience as well as other blog-related questions!

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Amanda went viral with
her SimpleSite blog

What inspires you to write?

Life inspires me.  I write about my marriage, my children and the relationships in my life.

Why did you start blogging?

I originally began blogging in July of 2013 on Caring Bridge to keep family and friends updated on my father's declining health from brain cancer.  I gained a loyal following, mostly of family and friends who knew me and my father.  After he died I stopped writing for about 8 months and realized that writing was my means of keeping myself sane.  When I don't write I tend to bottle up feelings and become depressed.  So in October of 2014 I began a new blog here on SimpleSite.

What were your expectations when you first started out?

The only expectations I had initially was to journal my thoughts for my own emotional health and as a means of record keeping as a gift to my children one day when they are grown.  I really only expected that the same family and friends that read my blog about my dad's cancer would be reading my new one.

How did it feel to see your blog post go viral?

It was very surreal as the exposure grew to know that others enjoyed my work.  My blog is so real and personal to me that I initially was worried about how many people I just allowed to look into my life.  Later that feeling was replaced with a sense of pride and accomplishment and a thankful heart that others appreciated my writing.

What kind of attention have you gotten from the blog post since it’s gone viral?

I've been contacted by media companies and websites all over the United States.  I was featured in the Huffington Post here in the United States as well as in Germany and Canada.

What does your family think about your blogging (especially the latest post and the response it has gotten)?

The post that went viral was about my 14 year old daughter.  At first she did not like the attention, but over time has embraced it.  My family and close friends are as excited as I am over the opportunities this post in particular has afforded me.

Any good advice for new bloggers?

I'd advise that they write from their heart and not write about what they think someone wants to read.  I think the readers connect to authentic honest writing.  Also, I always make sure that my posts are no more than 1500 words.  Blogs should be short stories, more like articles in length.  They are not novels.

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Author: Michelle de Marée

Why YOU should get a .XYZ Domain

Why .xyz domain?

You can be a 'first adopter' by taking advantage of SimpleSite's .XYZ premium gTLD offer.

You may be wondering what a gTLD is. Those letters stand for 'generic top-level domain.' A gTLD is whatever follows the 'dot' in a URL. So in, 'com' is the gTLD.

And 'xyz' is one of the new gTLD's. SimpleSite has been chosen as one of the companies to offer it.

Ready to build your SimpleSite with a .XYZ domain? Get started now by clicking the green button.

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Get a professionally looking email address. Wouldn't you be the talk of the town if your email address used '.xyz'? Just imagine having your email address as '' Your email won't get lost amongst tons of other emails ending in .com or .net – or even .org.

Read more: How to Set Up an Email Address with Your Own Domain

Each of those extensions originally had specific intended uses –
  • .com for commercial enterprises
  • .net for networks
  • .org for organizations
Many online enthusiasts didn't like being pin-holed like that. They've been waiting for an extension that would fit all kinds of websites.

Be Bold

You have the chance now to be an innovator by choosing SimpleSite's premium domain name extension – .XYZ.
  • It's short.
  • It's truly generic – not restricted to a specific meaning like many of the other new domain extensions which are geared to a particular industry, demographic, or location.
  • It transcends language barriers.
  • It's so easy to remember. No one will forget your website name or your email address.
.xyz domain

Is .XYZ Safe to Use?

Many website owners are still unfamiliar with the .xyz domain name extension. Because of that, they don't yet trust it and ask if it's safe. They seem to be concerned that their site might be hacked more easily than if they use a .com extension.

That isn't an extra risk. This lack of trust is not unusual with new products. It often takes a few trailblazers to show everyone that a new product is good and worthwhile.

SimpleSite would not offer this premium option to you without being certain it is secure.

In fact, many large companies have migrated to .xyz because they're able to get one-word domains. Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, has chosen as its URL. If Google likes it, it's got to be good for search engine results.

.xyz domain is good SEO

Will .XYZ Be the Top-Level Domain of the Future?

According to Daniel Negari, the online entrepreneur who originated the .xyz top-level domain, 99% of all domain name searches come back as not available – already taken. That's why people use hyphens, drop vowels, purposely misspell words, and add extra words – just to get a name that's close to what you actually want.

Of the more than 250 million domain names that are registered, 113 million are .com. No wonder you can't get the name you want as .com. Right now, you shouldn't have this problem if you choose a .xyz domain name.

Negari predicts that .xyz will be the default domain name extension for the next generations. He says, "Everyone already knows that you end the alphabet with 'xyz,' and soon everyone will know that you end a domain name the same way."

Are You Ready To Be a Trailblazer?

Go to SimpleSite and see if the name you want is available as a premium .xyz url. If it's available, then it's time to use it to become a successful online entrepreneur.

Want to explore other domain options? Get an overview here.

Go on! Be a trailblazer and get an email address that stands out from the crowd!
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Author: Kate Benzin