Why Every Small Business Should Have A Website


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We live in the Golden Age of the Internet, where Google is King and Facebook is Queen. Having your own website has never been easier, and everyone can use a website for some purpose or other. Whether you’re the owner of a small business, a proud member of your local community, or a writer eager to share your stories with the world, having an online presence is very valuable.

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Here are some reasons why (small) businesses would benefit from having their own website:

Always available.

The Internet has no closed hours on Sundays or holidays – in fact, it’s never closed for business at all! You can literally reach out to your customers every hour of every day and every day of the week, all year long! Think about it: even when you’re asleep or otherwise occupied, your website is doing business for you!

Image is still everything.

In this day and age, a business without a website is not taken as seriously as a business with a website. Having your own website doesn’t only make you look professional, it also makes you come across as trustworthy.

Make a good impression.

Why not show your business off? With a well-designed website you’ll be sure to give a good first impression. Having a website that looks nice increases your credibility tremendously with potential customers, and might be what gets them to buy from you in the end!

Access from anywhere.

A website can not only be accessed 24/7, it can also be reached from any device (naturally, a website with SimpleSite can be seen on any device, be it PC, mobile or tablet!). Gone are the days when people were only online when they were sitting behind a computer. People check their phones on the go, on the couch, in bed; with your own website, you can increase your reach even further.

Customer feedback.

Listening to your customers can be hugely powerful. Use comments, guest books and contact forms so your visitors can leave feedback and you get an even better understanding of how to communicate with and to them.

Be found online.

People use search engines (primarily Google) when looking for anything on the internet. Your business can most effectively be found online if you have your own website.

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