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Many providers of online stores are complicated to use, but not at SimpleSite. We have made it our goal to combine simplicity and usability with great features. Our online store editor is the simplest on the market, and it’s packed with functions that empower you to run a great online store. We have gone to the heart of what’s important for an online store, giving you the best and most user-friendly solution available.

We have listened to the feedback from thousands of our satisfied online store owners, and we are very pleased to be able to announce the new options available in our online store!
Here's what's new:

New and Improved Features for Your Online Store

  • Set sizes of the products in your online store 
  • Set different shipping times for each individual product 
  • Choose individual shipping costs for each product 
  • Receive messages directly from your customers

Set sizes

You can set sizes on the items in your online store. We have predefined lists with sizes from the US, the UK and Europe. But you can also make your own lists if you need customized options.
The customized options are great if you work with others size definitions or if you want to sort your items by other variables, e.g. colors.
If you want to add your individual list, simply click “add” and name the list (e.g. “color”). Then start adding the different options (e.g. “blue”, “green”, “pink”, “brown”, “yellow” etc.) When you are done click “OK”.
Please note that you can use the same lists for several products and items in your shop. If you don’t have all colors or sizes available for some items, you can simply deselect all sizing options and pick out the sizes you have available for that item.

Individual shipping times

You might sell items that vary significantly in size and weight, and this will of course affect the shipping time. Shipping a table will most likely take more time than shipping beads.
You can add shipping time information individually to each item, or you can set a standard shipping time for all of your products.

Differentiated shipping costs

Just like the shipping time, the shipping costs can vary. You now have three options in regards to setting shipping costs:
  1. You can include or exclude shipping costs in the price (this is ideal if you are selling services or courses).
  2. You can set the same shipping cost for all items in your shop.
  3. Or you can set the shipping costs individually for each item.

Customer messages in orders

Sometimes customers have special wishes or needs when ordering an item online, and it is important that they can leave a message with the order.
This could be a message to the postal worker about where to leave the package or special requirements for the order. It could even be important feedback for you and your store.
Now your customers can easily leave a message in the order when purchasing a product from your online store!

Like our new features?

Happy selling!

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