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Become an online entrepreneur

Have you read stories about people making a full-time living online? And they're just regular people who started their online journey without a lot of money backing them.
How did they do it? And how can you follow a similar path with your online website?

The first step is to build your SimpleSite if you haven't already done so. It's easy to build a beautiful site for FREE. Just click the green button.

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Your SimpleSite will be active immediately. Then, you'll need to choose which path to making money online is best for you.
One path involves promoting products, one of the most popular ways to make money online – either your own or ones that you promote as an affiliate. Here are some ways to get started on this path.

How-To Articles

Whatever products you choose, you will impress your audience when you publish how-to articles that give them precise instructions on how to use the product or how to overcome a problem.
How-to articles that educate your readers can be an important part of a blog on your SimpleSite.

Check out How to Maximise Your Business Using a Blog.

Here's How to get Started

  • Who is your reader? Maybe a single female between 20 and 40 years old? Put yourself in her place. What problems does she have with the product? What would make the product easier to use?
  • Do some research. You may already know the answers to these questions, but do some online research anyway. Find some quotes, anecdotes, and/or statistics to enhance your credibility.
  • Write a draft of the step-by-step process. Don't worry about making it perfect yet. Just get your thoughts down in a document.
  • Let the draft sit overnight – longer if possible. You'll find that ideas simmer in your brain while you're doing other things, thereby making it possible to catch inconsistencies or complications more easily than if you'd tried to finalize it immediately.
  • Read and revise your draft. Read it out loud to catch typos and grammar mistakes. Ask a friend to read the article and give feedback. Just don't let your ego get in the way of your friend's suggestions.
Give tips online and earn money

Tips Articles

A tips article is similar to a how-to article in that you're giving readers the benefit of your experience with the product. But a tips article usually isn't written in the same step-by-step fashion as a how-to article.
You can group tips by categories. For example, if you have a SimpleSite about pets, you could group your pet tips into several categories, such as –
  • Healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Vaccinations
  • Neutering
  • Dental care

Product Reviews

Writing product reviews can be one of the more fun ways to make money online. People prefer to read recommendations about a product from other average people who have experience with it rather than the 'hype' put out by the manufacturer.
Not only do readers like to read your reviews, they are also likely to share their own experience in your comment section. That kind of engagement leads to sharing and organic growth.

Start Making Money

IMPORTANT: Regardless of which method you choose for product promotion on your SimpleSite, be sure to place your affiliate links in several places of the content.

Learn more: How To Make Money By Blogging [Guide]
For help in making a business plan, check out How to Write Your Business Plan - Part 1 of 3.

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Author: Kate Benzin

The Benefits of Moving Your Business Online

Business on the internet
"To be, or not to be." Shakespeare put these words in Hamlet's mouth. Was he talking about making the decision to be online, or not to be online? That seems to be a question a lot of small business entrepreneurs are asking themselves.
Let's face it – the world is online. And entrepreneurs are finding that having their businesses online is helping increase their profits.
Have you resisted building a website for your business? Luckily, SimpleSite gives you the opportunity to determine whether having an online presence is profitable without spending any money.
Just build a free website at SimpleSite to test how you can grow your business online.

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If you're still not sure, here are some reasons why you should seriously consider joining the group of smart business people who have already moved their businesses online or plan to be doing so in the near future.

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Make Money While You Sleep

Your online business will be open for business 24/7. People are shopping more and more online, and studies show that most online shopping takes place during the evening.

Shoppers evidently like the convenience of shopping without leaving home – while in their comfy, stay-at-home clothes. According to Statista, online shoppers are expected to number more than two billion by 2019.

If you want to maximize your income, your business needs to be available to these buyers. Businesses that are not online will not get a share of the money that those buyers are spending.

Read more: Why eCommerce is Critical to Your Business

Lower Costs

If you're just starting your business, maybe online is the only way you need to go. With a free SimpleSite, you won't need to incur the expenses involved in opening a physical storefront.
Of course, you'll still have to spend money to produce your product, but the money you would have spent on store maintenance, security, utilities, furniture can be re-allocated to marketing.
You won't even have to go to the expense of hiring a professional photographer. You can Use Your Smartphone to Take Amazing Product Photos for Your Online Store and get your SimpleSite up and running in a matter of minutes.
Why online business

A Location without Boundaries

Real estate agents have long known that location is everything. The right location can command a very high price. But online business owners don't have to worry about location.
Your online store has the world as its audience. You may not want to deal with the intricacies of shipping your products to international customers, but you'll have everyone in your own country as potential customers. And when you're ready to go global, you'll be ready.

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Better Customer Service

With an online store, you can set up a support section on your site that will answer lots of customer issues without disturbing you.
  • Spec sheets for your products
  • A FAQ (frequently asked question) section
  • A video with instructions about how to set up or use your products
Yes, you'll need to take some time to set it up, but then it operates without your attention – even when you're on vacation.

Don't Wait to Build Your Online Store

It's still several months before the Christmas holiday season – the perfect time to add an online component to your business. Build your SimpleSite now so that you can have it operating at full speed for the Christmas holiday season.

Need more reasons? Read Why Use SimpleSite for Your Online Store and click the green button below when you're ready to build your FREE website.

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Author: Kate Benzin

Write Your Own E-Book – A Piece of Cake

How to write your first e-book

When you read last week's article 7 Unique Ways PLR Can Boost Engagement on Your Website, you saw a suggestion about encouraging readers to sign up to your email list by using Private Label Rights (PLR) to write an e-book to give away.

Did the idea of writing an e-book scare you? It shouldn't. Using PLR will make the process far easier than you could have imagined.
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Have you already searched on Google for PLR on your topic? Did you find some good possibilities and purchase one or more pieces of PLR?

If so, be sure not to fall into the same trap as a lot of website owners. That's the trap of letting that PLR sit on your hard drive, just taking up space and not benefiting you. Put it to work for you.

Components of Your E-Book

Your e-book will need certain elements in this order –
  • A cover that you can make for free at Canva or a graphics program that you prefer
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • The main content of the e-book
  • Summary
  • A legal disclaimer at the beginning or end to protect you from liability – free text to use at SEQ Legal
You will either start with a complete PLR e-book, or you can combine PLR articles. Either way, you need to rewrite the text so that your readers don't see material on your site with text exactly the same as on your competitor's website.

Whichever method you're using, make digital copies of the PLR, and save the originals in a separate folder. Use the copies as your working documents.
Publish an ebook

Using a Complete PLR E-Book vs Creating an E-Book by Combining PLR Articles

If you bought a PLR pack that contains a complete e-book or report, you may already have several of the items listed above. You will still need to make substantial changes as shown below in order to make it your own.
If you bought a PLR pack with articles that go well together, you can combine them, but the process will be slightly different. Take a look at the guidelines below.

Using a Complete PLR E-Book

Step 1 – Change the cover. Use Canva or your favorite graphics program to create a new cover with a new image and new text.
Step 2 – Open the e-book in your word processing program and change the title.
Step 3 – Read the text you bought and make notes about what you want to change. Rewrite the text in all sections. If possible, personalize the text with examples from your own experience or information that you found online.
Step 4 – Include links to pertinent resources.
Step 5 – Add images. Be sure that you have the rights to the images you use.
Step 6 – Re-format the text with subtitles, bulleted lists, and shaded text boxes.
Step 7 – If you have your own logo, put it in the footer along with a link to your website, your contact information, and your social media pages.

Create an E-Book by Combining PLR Articles

Step 1 – You won't have a cover, so you'll need to make one using Canva or your favorite graphics program.
Step 2 – Start a document for your e-book and give it a title.
Step 3a – Write your own introduction and summary.
Step 3b – Copy and paste the text you want to use from the original articles. Rewrite the text and personalize it as you would in Step 3 of above.
For Steps 4 through 7, follow the guidelines in the previous section Using a Complete PLR E-Book.
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For more information about PLR, read Private Label Rights: Your Shortcut to Engaging Content for Your Website.

Author: Kate Benzin

7 Unique Ways PLR Can Boost Engagement on Your Website

Engage with users on your FREE website

After reading Private Label Rights: Your Shortcut to Engaging Content for Your Website, you may have already Googled your topic and found some high quality content for your website. Congratulations!

But wait – in addition to providing quality content for your website, there's more that PLR can do for you. Here are a few suggestions.

Add a blog to your website

Don't you want to attract potential customers to visit your site even if they're not yet ready to purchase? To accomplish that, add a blog and post useful articles. People will consider your site the #1 go-to place for information on the topic.

Don't have a blog yet? Hit the green button below.

Create a Beautiful Blog

Create worksheets or checklists

Lots of people have trouble getting organized. So they love worksheets and checklists to follow. Break apart a PLR article about your topic into a worksheet or checklist for your visitors – they'll love you for it.

Post on social media

Participating on social media is crucial for attracting potential customers. And of course, you need content for that. PLR to the rescue again. Break a few articles into small snippets of timely, useful information, and schedule them to publish to whichever social media you prefer.

Don't forget to add an image to the post. Pictures grab the reader's attention. And be sure that the post or tweet includes a link to your website.

Turn PLR into a video using PowerPoint (PC) or Keynote (Mac)

People often understand information better when they see it in a visually interesting way. PowerPoint and Keynote give you the ability to make memorable presentations to publish on your website.

Put the key points from a PLR article onto slides. Then use the article itself as a script that you record. Just be sure to speak naturally, with pauses and 'ums' so that it doesn't seem artificial. If you don't want to record your own voice, you can get someone at Fiverr to do it for a very reasonable cost.

Prepare for an interview

Interviews of people using your products inspire trust in potential clients. But how do you come up with good questions to ensure the interview will be interesting? Read some pertinent PLR articles and jot down the questions the articles answer. Use those questions for the written or recorded interview.
Use PLR for exciting newsletters

Send out newsletters

Engaging with your customers by sending out a monthly newsletter will remind them to visit you often. Don't be scared by the prospect of writing a lengthy newsletter. Actually, short and to the point is preferred. Just be sure to personalise the PLR with your own voice and style.

Make an e-book

Looking for a bonus to encourage people to sign up to your email list? PLR will make it easy for you to make your own e-book. Read our next article Write Your Own E-Book – How to Get Started – it'll be posted in a week.

Remember, PLR text is yours once you've bought it. You can edit it, turn it into a variety of formats, and claim it as your own. And PLR is an important tool to Improve Your Productivity – Step 4: Work Smarter, Not Longer/Harder. Start using high quality PLR to improve your website and grow your business.

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Author: Kate Benzin

Private Label Rights: Your Shortcut to Engaging Content for Your Website

Private label rights material can save you a lot of time

You already know that having unique, high quality content on your website is critical to your online success. That content needs to engage visitors and answer their questions before they even ask.

Unfortunately, creating content is time consuming, even if you've been practicing the productivity tips in Improve Your Productivity – Step 4: Work Smarter, Not Longer/Harder.

When you don't have enough time, private label rights material, or PLR, can be a life saver. PLR is text that you purchase with the right to publish the content and claim it as your own. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Yes – it's wonderful. But a question may have already popped into your mind – if you can buy the content, can't your competitors do the same? You wouldn't want to publish content that has already been or might soon be published on your competitors' websites.

Do you want to build a FREE website in a matter of minutes? Just click the green button below.

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PLR can be easy to use. Just follow the guidelines below, and you'll discover how it can save you loads of time and also help you have the unique, high quality content you need.

High Quality PLR is Affordable

There is a lot of low quality, old PLR on the market. You don't want to buy that kind. If the quality is poor, you'd probably spend as much time editing it as if you'd researched and written original content.

Some niches are evergreen. In other words, the information for the niche doesn't change much over time. Most likely, though, your site would be damaged by old PLR that gives out of date information.

How, then, do you choose PLR that's high quality and up to date? You won't be able to examine the text of the articles before you buy, so at first, you'll have to do your best to evaluate the likelihood that PLR content you purchase will be worth the cost.
  • Do a Google search on the name of the PLR site or the author to find reviews from previous customers. This search is worth the time because you can eliminate some obviously bad PLR.
  • Make a small purchase. PLR is often sold in packs of several articles, so buy one of the less expensive packs to read and evaluate. The quality is generally similar across all articles.

Customize private label rights material for your website

Personalize the PLR

Yes, you'll need to do some rewriting so that your readers don't recognize the content as something they'd already seen somewhere else. But rewriting is far easier than starting from scratch.

You'll want to rewrite both the headline and the text as much as possible, but here are some additional tips to get you started.
  • Add your opinion in several places.
  • Give examples to expand key ideas.
  • Add sub-headings in various spots.
  • Change the formatting. For example, make bullet points from ideas in a paragraph.
  • Read Research for Your Blog Posts Is Easy – Find Out How for tips on finding supplemental data to add to the article.
  • Do a Google search for quotes that fit the content and insert them in boxes in between paragraphs.
  • Add images or YouTube videos to embellish the text.
By the time you finish, you will have infused the article with your style and voice. You'll have new, engaging content for your readers, and you will have done it a lot faster than you might imagine.

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Author: Kate Benzin