How to Define Your Target Market

How to Define Your Target Market

Do you know how to best spend the money that you've allocated to marketing? In order to spend your marketing money wisely, you need to understand who will be interested enough in your product to buy it.

Sometimes defining those potential customers can be easy. For example, if your product is baby diapers, it's not too difficult to recognize that new parents need your product and shop for it. You can then develop ads that new parents will be drawn to.

But more often than not, knowing who comprises your target market is not as simple as that. A step-by-step process can help you develop your marketing strategy.

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Start by Understanding the Problems that Your Product Solves

What problems does your product solve? You may think that this starting point seems pretty obvious – and it is. But many business people fail in their marketing efforts because they've never analyzed the problem from the point of view of the person who has the problem. Be proactive and look at the problems analytically.

Who Are Your Customers?

Who are the people that suffer from the problems your product solves? Do they all fit into one category? Probably not, so group them into appropriate categories according to:
  • income level
  • gender
  • location
  • education
  • marital status
  • any other category that might be important to your marketing

Who Will Benefit Most from Your Product?

Which people suffer the most by not having your product? Once you know this, you can demonstrate that they can save more money by getting your product than the actual cost of the product. This truth can eliminate doubts that keep the customer on the fence.

How to Define Your Target Market

What Is Your Position in Relation to Your Competitors?

Is your product in a market that is overrun with sellers? If so, you might decide to look for a different product.

Is your product distinctly different/better than the others? You'll want to make sure that potential customers know why yours is better. You'll be able to explain that because you've already looked at the problem from their point of view.

Is the market too small? A small market is not necessarily bad. In fact, you might choose a strategy that limits your market to a certain geographical area as a way to build your reputation and get testimonials.

Spread the Word via Social Media

Once you've answered these questions, it's time to get the word out about your product. After all, you want to make money, right? To do that, you need traffic to your website.

If you don't have profiles for your business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, it's time to get started. Unless you're already a social media whiz, don't try to develop all social media platforms at once. Choose just one to get started – probably Facebook.

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You can't go wrong choosing to start with Facebook. As of September 2016, Facebook had 1.79 billion monthly active users. That's a big pool that will certainly have a large number of people who fit into your target market.

Once your marketing on Facebook is going along nicely, then you can branch out to other social media platforms – one at a time.

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Author: Kate Benzin

How to Write Powerful Headlines that Motivate People to Read Your Articles

How to write prowerful headlines that motivate people to ready to your articles

What is the purpose of a headline? A headline should not just give potential readers information about the topic of the article. It's much more than that.
The most important purpose of a headline is to get potential readers to continue past the headline and read the article – not next week or possibly never, but right away.

Getting Started

Some writers like to compose the headline before writing the article, but others prefer to wait until they've already finished the article. Either way, you know what your topic is, and you probably have a tentative idea about what will go into the headline.
A few general rules about the headline:
  • Make sure that your headline doesn't veer off topic. Your headline is a promise to your readers. They will be very resentful if you lure them in with something that isn't followed up in the article.
  • Keep it short. That means no more than 62 characters, including spaces. Once you go beyond that, search engines won't display the complete title. If you go past 62 characters, at least make sure that the first 62 characters contain meaningful information and motivating elements.
  • Make the headline catchy. See tips below for some of the best ways to capture the attention of people who are scanning headlines in search results.
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Grab the Attention of Potential Readers

Today, people are overwhelmed with the amount of information available to them online. Even speed readers have to scan headlines in order to determine which articles are worth their time.
You might have a truly innovative article, but if your headline doesn't grab someone's attention, potential readers may never read another word you've written. Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to write powerful headlines.

1.Use Numbers – Magazines have spent millions of dollars in research to determine what kind of headlines will motivate you to buy one magazine over another. Since they've already done this, you don't have to start from scratch – you can take advantage of the knowledge they've gained.
To do that, take a trip to the supermarket and go to the magazine section. Look at the headlines you see on magazines for sale there. You'll see something in common among just about all the magazines there, whether they're fitness magazines, travel magazines, tabloids, women's magazines, or whatever.

A large percentage of the headlines use numbers. The reason they do this is that it works. There are many theories about why numbers work to entice readers to pick a particular magazine or article, but it's not really important to understand why. Whatever the reason, it's been proven to work. So you can take advantage of that technique whenever it suits your article.
By the way, don't spell the number out. Use the numeral – it's more attention-grabbing.

2.Use What, Why, How, or When – These trigger words indicate to the reader that the article will benefit him. In other words, the article will answer his questions and give him some information that could make his life easier.

It rarely works to use numbers and these trigger words in the same headline. You might come up with an exception, but normally you'll use one or the other.

3.Use Catchy Adjectives – Some adjectives are more enticing than others and, therefore, more likely to motivate someone to read your article. Here are some adjectives that can grab the attention of someone who is scanning:
  • essential
  • effortless
  • free
  • winning
  • mind-blowing
  • amazing
This gives you an idea, and you can probably think of many more adjectives that would make your headline stand out in the search results.

4.Make a Bold Promise – Include something in the title that your reader will find vital to learn.
  • Learn How to Draw in Just 4 Weeks
  • How to Manage Your Blog to Double Your Readership
  • Cook an Amazing Meal for 12 Dinner Guests in Just an Hour
By doing this, you are almost daring your potential reader to read the article. But be careful not to promise more than the article will deliver.

5.Use Call-to-Action Words – Start your headline with an action verb that challenges the reader to do something – something that they'll learn how to do in your article. Here are a few examples:
  • Overcome Extreme Shyness – Enjoy Social Interaction
  • Promote Yourself – Become a Brand People Can't Resist
  • Eliminate Sloppy Belly Fat that Endangers Your Health
  • Use These 5 Easy Tips to Effortlessly Train Your Puppy
How to write powerful headlines that motivate people to read your articles

Are You Ready to Start Writing Killer Headlines?

You won't be able to use each of the five tips given above in every headline, but you can often use two or three at a time.

Look at the headline for the article you've just been reading:
How to Write Powerful Headlines that Motivate People to Read Your Article
This headline uses the following:
  • tip #2 – trigger word 'how'
  • tip #3 – catchy adjective 'powerful'
  • tip #4 – bold promise that people will be motivated to read your article
Don't overlook the power of your headlines. Sometime just tweaking a boring headline with one catchy adjective will change it from a losing headline to a winner. A great headline can entice readers to choose your article over others in the search results.

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Author: Kate Benzin

How to Boost Engagement with Facebook - An Introduction to Facebook's Newest Tools

Facebook's newest tools
Are you promoting your business website on Facebook? If not, you're missing out on some of the best ways to capture new customers.

On 2 November 2016, Facebook reported that it had 1.79 billion monthly active users. That's billion with a B – not million.

What does this mean for your business? It means that you have an enormous number of potential customers for your business. Facebook is one of the most powerful social platforms for promoting your business website. It is too huge to ignore.

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Below are some of the ways that you can take advantage of Facebook to promote your business website.

Facebook Live

You probably already know that people love watching video. And now you can use Facebook Live to broadcast live video and interact with viewers in real time. You can answer viewer questions immediately and see their reactions to your broadcast.

Facebook Live is not a replacement for your News Feed. No. It's another way that you can connect with current fans and get new ones. Because of its immediate nature, it's a powerful way for you to build authentic relationships with fans. You can even send them notifications when you go live so that they can tune in right away.

Your live video will have a red icon with the word 'live' next to it in the upper left corner of the video. Once the video is finished, it will be published to your Page or Profile so that Facebook users can watch the recording.

Facebook Ads

For many years, running ads on Facebook has proven to be an effective way to promote your business website and drive targeted customers to it.

Facebook makes it easy for businesses both big and small to –
  • create an ad
  • target the appropriate audience
  • set a budget
  • split test different versions of an ad
  • edit an ad
Facebook Ads give you an easy way to get targeted traffic for your website.

Native Ads and Native Video

Facebook's native ads give you more control over design, layout, placement of CTA button, headline, and more. This customization means that your ad will fit seamlessly with your app and blend in naturally with your interface.

Have you seen videos in your Facebook News Feed that play automatically? Those are native videos, meaning that they were uploaded directly to Facebook and not via a link from YouTube or another site.

Both native ads and native video give you additional help in promoting your website to gain more traffic.

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook opened Instant Articles in April 2016 as a solution to a specific problem – slow loading times on mobile websites.

Internet users expect sites to load fast – within just a few seconds. If not, they go on to a different site. Because Instant Articles can load up to 10x faster than regular mobile web articles, viewers are more likely to stay with the article instead of abandoning it. In addition, viewers have been sharing Instant Articles more than regular web content.

Instant articles

Facebook Messenger

Do you want an easy, instantaneous way to communicate with your clients? Look no further than Facebook Messenger.

Chatting with your clients is not the only advantage of Messenger though. You can now also build deeper, more contextual interactions with your audience by using Messenger bots, which can help you with subscription automation, e-purchases, and customized communications like receipts and shipping notifications.

Facebook – Your One-Stop Shop

Yes, Facebook has truly become your one stop for promoting your business website. You can avail yourself of one, two, or all of Facebook's features for promotion purposes. The important thing is to get started. Don't wait.

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Author: Kate Benzin

Reflections on 2016 at SimpleSite

Reflections on 2016 at SimpleSite

The end of the year always seems like an appropriate time to take stock of our accomplishments and to thank our users who made our year especially extraordinary. So thanks to all of you.

We've been around since 2003 when our founders, brothers Morten and Jacob Elk, had the foresight to create a user-friendly tool so that non-tech people could build professional looking websites without hiring expensive designers.

The Elk brothers then took advantage of subsequent improvements in technology to ensure that we at SimpleSite continued to give our users the best experience possible year after year.

SimpleSite's Newest Features

You probably love your SimpleSite already, but have you taken advantage of the newest features?

In 2016, we were thrilled to offer our users new features to make your SimpleSite easier to build and even more professional looking.
  • Faster than ever – you can have your website online in five minutes flat, and changes you make are adopted and displayed without delay.
  • Video backgrounds – use an included video background to make your site livelier and more engaging.
  • Poster section – tell your readers exactly what to do next by using a Call to Action button.
Don't wait to implement these improvements. And if you need a little help, here's where you can find it – New Features for Your SimpleSite: Video Backgrounds and Poster Section.

And stay tuned - we're currently working on a new version that will focus even more on optimizing the user experience. You'll find it just gets better and better.

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Most Popular SimpleSites

Did you know that SimpleSite has been translated into several languages? Yes, SimpleSite started in Denmark but quickly became popular in many countries of the world.

At year's end, not only is it fun to see which sites became the most popular over the previous 12 months, but we love seeing how our product has helped so many of you to build professional sites.
In that vein, we'd like to share with you a little about the most popular sites in some of the countries where SimpleSite is popular. Read on.
  • The Netherlands – Gerrianne Fights for happiness – 1,266,091 visitors* – This site is dedicated to a teenage girl who died from cancer.
  • France – Les Coquetteries de Sophie – 297,246 visitors* – This online store sells lots of unique hats, gloves, earrings, and wallets.
  • Sweden – Eva P Art Café – 211,757 visitors* – Eva built this site to share her love of both Swedish artists and artists from other countries.
  • Spain – Papel y Tijera – 318,287 visitors* – In her personal blog, Melissa Durán shares her outlook on life as it unfolds.
  • Norway – Hekleguri Design – 2,660,379 visitors* – Mona Ellefsen shares crocheted clothing designs for dolls.
  • Denmark – Karensloppefund – 124,695 visitors* – In this online store, Karen sells treasures she has found in flea markets.
  • USA – Daylily Place – 2,757,894 visitors* – Daylily Place is a site for flower lovers – in particular, those who love daylilies. Visit this site to see some of the latest and most beautiful daylilies available.
Take a look at each site for inspiration. And don't forget that Google will translate the text if you're not proficient in all the languages.

* Note that the number of visitors mentioned is the number on 23 December 2016.

The Oldest Blogger in the World Has a SimpleSite Blog

We were very proud to relate the story of Dagny Carlsson, who chose SimpleSite to build her blog under the pen name Bojan. She was 100 years old when she started. And now at 104, she's still going strong. It's never too late.

Like internet users all over the world, we immediately fell in love with Dagny and her zesty way of describing her outlook on life. Her life is not so very unusual, but her take on everyday activities is heartwarming and optimistic.

World's Oldest Blogger

Dagny's story is truly amazing. You can check out her blog at which has had 1,886,730 visitors to date.

If you haven't yet read our blog post about her, please take a few moments to see how a 104-year-old woman can have a big impact on the world –

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How to Find the Perfect Gifts for Christmas

Find the perfect gifts for christmas

The song says that Christmas “is the most wonderful time of the year.” That can be true, but not if you’re agonizing over what gifts to get everyone.
Has your family resorted to making lists of items they want for Christmas? Does having a list turn gift giving into a chore rather than a joy?

Never fear. Here is a way to make gift buying fun – or at least less painful.

Giving a Gift is Communication

We often look at gift giving as a duty – something that needs to be finished as quickly as possible. Puzzling over what gifts to give each person can take the fun out of a season that is supposed to be filled with joy.

Gift giving is not just an exchange of material items. Giving a gift is really a way to communicate with the receiver without words. Thinking about gifts as communication uncovers new ways to choose gifts that speak meaningfully to the receiver.

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Forget About Needs

Have you ever received a gift that absolutely confounded you? You couldn’t understand why someone would choose that particular item for you. This happens far too often.

Start by changing your perception of the purpose gift giving. Forget about what the person needs. Instead concentrate on how you feel about him and what gift can express that feeling.

Yes, a gift can express how much you care for or understand the receiver. The gift you give could say that you’d like to spend more time together or that you love his outlook on life or that you enjoy his musical talent. Get the idea?
But other gifts could inadvertently show that you don’t understand the receiver at all and might give him the impression that you simply fulfilled a duty by giving him a gift. Ouch!

Price Is Irrelevant

It’s easy to forget that gifts pass meaningful communication from you to the recipient. That’s when you’re likely to buy something that sends the wrong message – something you clearly want to avoid.

When the meaning of your gift is clear to the recipient, what you spent on it is unimportant. Sometimes the most meaningful gifts have small price tags. For example, giving someone a certificate stating that you will help him with a difficult job can tell him how much you value his time. Your offer to share the work could mean far more than any physical item would have.

Find the perfect gifts for christmas

Make Shopping Fun

Shopping may be inevitable. Start by asking yourself what communication your gift should convey. This is very different from simply asking yourself what the other person needs or whether they’d like or dislike the item you’re considering.
This new way of buying gifts might take some getting used to. But in the end, it could lead you to come up with some unusual, but meaningful, choices.
Hopefully, the receiver will understand what you are conveying by your choice – probably not on a conscious level but on an emotional level.

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A Year-Round Strategy

Christmas is very close now, but why not put this strategy into place throughout the coming year. In other words, whenever you’re out and about and you come across something that would show a friend or family member how much you care, pick it up right away and save it for next Christmas.

Won’t next year’s Christmas gift giving be joyful if you follow this method?

Author: Kate Benzin