5 Things That Will Scare Your Customers Away (and How to Avoid It)

Avoid failure with your online business

No one does everything right all the time. Even the biggest companies sometimes make huge mistakes.

Are you old enough to remember April 1985 when Coca Cola announced a new Coke formula? Big mistake. But they listened to their customers and recovered.

If successful businesses like Coke sometimes make huge mistakes, what chance does the little guy have?

Well, don't make the following mistakes that could spell your doom. Instead, attract customers like a powerful magnet by doing the opposite.

Building an Ugly Site

Since you built a SimpleSite, you probably won't commit this mistake. Keep the name 'SimpleSite' in mind. It means a beautiful site is easy to build, but the name also advises you to keep your site clean and easy to use.

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Sometimes, the best-intentioned website owner might mess the site up by cluttering it with so many options that the visitor doesn't know which way to turn. Of course, you want your visitors to see all that you offer, but remember one of the most important rules of sales is to not give the buyer too many choices.

Keep your website attractive and uncluttered to make a great first impression.

Not Thanking Your Customers

Parents drill into their children the importance of being polite – to say 'thank you' when someone gives you something.

The same kind of politeness is important online. When a visitor makes a purchase, redirecting him to a 'thank you for your order' page will show him that you appreciate him, and he'll be more likely to return or to recommend you to friends.

Being polite is crucial through the whole sales process.

Being Sneaky

You're in business to make money. Giving discounts means making less profit on each item but increasing the number of sales, thereby making greater profits overall.

Don't trick your customers

You might be tempted to sneak in some kind of extra charge to offset the lower profit margin. For example, you might artificially raise the 'shipping and handling' charge and hope that no one notices.

You can be sure that someone will notice, and eventually, you'll have a reputation for being sneaky. Stay aboveboard with your charges, and you'll be more likely to have loyal customers.

Not Responding Promptly to Customer Emails

After purchasing, buyers will be anxious to use their new product. Unfortunately, some problems inevitably occur. Don't let an autoresponder send out an impersonal email to someone who is already frustrated.

You need to be available even if you're on vacation. It's an online business. You can be contacted just about anywhere in the world. Just stay connected to the internet and to your customers.

Not Accepting the Validity of a Customer's Complaint

The customer isn't always right, and you may be tempted to point out his mistakes. You'll never gain a loyal customer if you're patronising.

Listen carefully to every complaint. And politely offer a solution. If the problem is more complicated and can't be solved immediately, keep the customer continually aware of the steps you're taking to resolve the issue.

After the issue has been resolved, be sure to offer further assistance. Support after a sale needs to be quick and personal.

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Author: Kate Benzin

5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Online Entrepreneur

How do I become an online entrepreneur

The power of the internet gives you all you need to have a profitable online business. You've built your business website, and now, you plan to take the internet by storm.

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Okay, that didn't take long. Now you've built your site – let's explore the steps to become a successful online entrepreneur.

Develop a Business Plan

No matter how small your business is, a business plan is crucial to keep you focused on your goals.
Part of designing your business plan will involve market research to make sure that your idea can be profitable. Are other people making a living in the same field your business is in?

Don't be afraid of competition. If no one else is selling what you are offering, it could mean that you might be better off with a different product or service.

"In life, sometimes you don't know what's possible until you see what's possible for someone else," said Derek Halpern, a well known internet marketer.

Put User Friendly Features on Your SimpleSite

To be successful online, user friendly tools need to be prominent on your site.
  • Buy buttons and a shopping cart are obviously necessary so that customers can purchase your product or service easily.
  • Surveys provide a great way to confirm that customers find it easy to use your site. Ask visitors direct questions about the ease of using your site.
  • Surveys are also a great way to tap into the future needs of your customers. Simply ask what products or services they need.

Advertise Yourself

Yes, you'll need to promote your SimpleSite. If potential customers don't know that you've got the best products or services, you'll be a very lonely online entrepreneur.

Key to success: Learn how to sell yourself

Self-promotion sounds like a dirty word to a lot of people, but unfortunately, you have to –
  • let potential customers know about your offer
  • explain why it's better than the competition
  • make special offers
Some advertising can be free. For example, be sure to use social media to let the world know how to find you and your offers.

Of course, Facebook is a great place to promote your website, but use whichever social media you're most comfortable. Later, you can expand to use additional platforms.

Always Be 'In the Know'

The internet changes faster and faster every day. Don't be left behind selling products that no one wants any longer.

Stay on top of current likes and dislikes at Google Trends so that you are always aware of what will be profitable.

Successful Online Entrepreneur – step by step

Be Persistent

This is the most difficult step of all. It's very rare for a business to become successful overnight. When you read about overnight successes, what doesn't get reported is the seemingly interminable length of time the 'successful' person worked and failed.

So don't give up. If you're doing the right things in the right way, persistence will pay off in the end. Just don't expect that payoff to be tomorrow.

"Success is almost totally dependent upon drive and persistence." – Denis Waitley, motivational speaker and author of Seeds of Greatness and The Winner's Edge.

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Author: Kate Benzin

5 Reasons Your Website is Unsuccessful

Reasons your website is unsuccessful

Do you feel lost among today's 1.2+ billion websites?

According to Internet Live Stats, that number is going up faster than you can imagine.

How in the world can your website be successful with so much competition? Getting lost among so many websites is easy, and so is making fundamental mistakes when setting your site up.

Don't worry. There's hope.

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Storytelling on your SimpleSite is critical to entertain your readers. But make sure you don't make the following mistakes.

1: Not Easy to Use

If your website is confusing to navigate, your visitors will get a poor impression of you. After all, if your site is confusing, your visitors will wonder if you could possibly be any good at conducting business?

Make sure that your site has a clean layout with navigation that clearly describes what the reader will find in each section.

2: Large Blocks of Text

Readers are very spoiled these days and will leave a website that overwhelms them with too much text. Readers want to scan to determine if they should stay.

Give your visitors all the necessary information in an easy-to-absorb way.
  • Divide your text into sections with subheads.
  • Make paragraphs and sentences short.
  • Use bullet points to focus attention.
Simplify your website

3: A Confusing Website Name

Choosing a domain name can be frustrating. Your website and domain name should –
  • Convey your company's brand.
  • Be SEO friendly.
You may come up with the best name ever, only to find that it's not available, so prepare several options to check.

In the past, .com extensions were preferred for search results although Google denied that favoritism.
Today, though, you can choose a generic top level domain (gTLD) that aligns with your company, such as extensions like .store, .site, .xyz, etc.

4: No Call-to-Action (CTA)

You may have the perfect domain name on a beautiful site that's easy to use, but you won't get sales unless you tell your visitors exactly what to do.

This might sound as though you're treating your readers like children. But if you don't provide clear-cut directions, they'll probably just browse your site and then head to a competitor's site.
Your CTA can –
  • put the product/service in the visitor's shopping cart for purchase on your website;
  • link them to another site for purchase;
  • connect them to you for more information about your service;
  • encourage visitors to follow you on social media;
  • suggest visitors sign up for updates on your latest news.
Mobile friendly websites are successful

5: Not Mobile Friendly

According to StatCounter, in October 2016, more people accessed the internet via mobile devices than through desktops – for the first time ever.

The trend of using smartphones and tablets rather than desktops or laptops is likely to continue. Your SimpleSite is mobile ready, but if your content is not presented in a way that is easy to read on smaller screens, then you could miss out on that traffic.
  • No large blocks of text
  • Appropriate subheadings
  • Bullet points
Avoid the above mistakes to be on your way to having a successful website.

Use every strategy possible to entice visitors to stay on your site rather than jumping to your competitor's.

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Build Your Audience to Make More Money Online

Build an online audience and earn money

After you've put your heart and soul into writing unique, valuable content, don't you want to make sure that your website posts are being read by potential customers likely to purchase your product or service?
You could have thousands and thousands of visitors to your website, but if they aren't in the market for your product or service, that traffic isn't worth the effort it took to get.
Learn how to define your target market and then discover how to get more visitors from that target market. The expansive reach of the internet gives the business showcased on your SimpleSite huge opportunities to grow. The key is to focus on stimulating interest in actual potential buyers.
Start by building a website to attract prospective customers. Just click the green button.

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You need to stand out in a sea of self-proclaimed gurus who brag about their success and wealth and make promises that are rarely fulfilled. These supposed gurus do not build up a loyal following and often end up being 15-minute wonders who disappear from the scene.
Don't follow in their footsteps. You can build engaged group of customers who will be loyal and share your site with friends. Here's how.

Always Deliver Authentic, Valuable Content

Educational, inspirational, and/or entertaining content will gain loyal followers as long as you don't disappear for weeks at a time.
Instead, deliver practical, engaging content on a regular basis – whether that's once a week or once a month. Your readers need to depend on your schedule.
Be authentic and share both your successes and your mistakes. You probably learned some lessons from even your most disastrous mistakes. Your readers can, too.
Acknowledge what you haven't yet figured out and ask your readers for their experience.
Friends on social media

Engage on Social Media

No one can deny the benefits of social media today.
You don't need to be active on all social media sites. Choose one or two that you feel the most comfortable using and/or the ones that people in your niche seem to use the most.
Keep track of your visitors from social media with tools like bit.ly so you will know which of your website pages get the most clicks. Once you know what your visitors like best, you can create more content like that.

Treat Visitors like Friends

You will probably spend a considerable amount of time writing content and engaging with prospective buyers. But the purchase of your product or service shouldn't be the end of that relationship – even if your product is a one-time purchase.
As an online entrepreneur, one of your goals is to generate income. But hopefully, you also want to make a positive impact on the lives of your customers. People recognise when they're treated like a number – and they don't like it.
Online entrepreneurs who are wildly successful continue to connect with their customers after the financial transaction. They treat purchasers with friendly respect. Customers who feel valuable share their experiences and bring more visitors to your site.
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Author: Kate Benzin

We're Launching 4 NEW Domain Extensions for Your Website!

New Alternative Domain Extensions

At SimpleSite we're proud to announce that we are now one of few providers to offer four brand new and modern top level domains.

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From today, our users are now able to swap the old .com with one of these very trendy domain extensions:
  • .site
  • .store
  • .online
  • .xyz
.site domain .xyz domain
.online domain .store domain

Why Upgrade to One of Our New Domain Extensions?

Having your own domain name has several advantages:
  1. It will be easier for your visitors to remember your website’s address,
  2. You can choose a top level domain that matches your website (eg. .store for online stores)
  3. Your chances of appearing in online search results will increase significantly,
  4. You and your website will look more professional,
  5. You will be able to have your own personal email (eg. name@web.site) thanks to SimpleSite’s email domain address setup.
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Get a website with a trendy domain

Benefits of the NEW Domain Extensions

If your preferred .com domain name is already taken, our new domain extensions still allow you to get an easy-to-remember, professionally looking domain for your website!

You will have plenty of alternative domain names. You might even have better options than with the .com availability. Just compare Lenas.store to LenasStore.com – What would you prefer? Or Books.xyz compared to BooksXYZ.com?
Remember domain names are permanent, and if you have any further questions you can read more about domains here or contact our customer service at customerservice@simplesite.com.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name

Your domain name should be the same name as your own name or your brand’s name, or it should reflect the purpose of your website. For example: LenasArt.store or BestReads.xyz.

It's important to choose a name that is easy for people to remember, and it should be unique enough not to be confused with other websites.

You can get more tips on choosing the right domain from our article 6 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Domain Name For Your Website.

Remember: You don’t HAVE to use the same domain name as your SimpleSite username! You can always choose another domain name later on.

Choose the Perfect Domain Extension

At SimpleSite you can choose between all the domain extensions displayed below + most regional extensions – Get started with SimpleSite today.


Most popular domain extension
(used to be for companies only)


The most widely used
alternative to .com domains


Organisations of all types –
Perfect for NGOs


Business websites and


Informational blogs and


Websites targeting users
from the United Kingdom


Perfect for DIY blogs and
stores with multiple items


Works for any website


Ideal for any individuals
and businesses


Great for online stores

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Author: Camilla Groen